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    Simbu confesses that he released the photos

    By Super Admin

    Saturday, February 17, 2007

    The Simbu - Nayantara break up has had unethical reprecussions. Upset with Simbu, Nayantara had attempted suicide twice, but was fortunately saved. It is well known that Simbu can get very vulgar and unethical. It is something that has been noticed of Simbu ever since he began his career in acting. As a matter of fact, it goes back to his teenage years. In his early days, his father T Rajender used to run a magazine, the staff of which he is well known to have misbehaved with - an act for which he has been punished over and over again. But that did not help change his behaviour. While acting in films being made under his father's film banner, Simbu didn't stop being disrespectful to his female costars. During one of his films in which Khushboo was involved, he was corrected by Khushboo. The irony of this piece of information is that he is known to have had a small fling with Khushboo at around the same time. During the filming of Engu Veetu Velan, Gouthami - his co-star - is known to have slapped him for the same reason.

    The list does not stop here. There are more names to add to the list - Mumtaj and even Surya. The rumours go like this...when he got wind of the news that his now ex girlfriend was acting in Chandramukhi with superstar Rajnikanth, he laid eyes on her and didnt look either way till he got her. His next move was to see that she would be his co-star in Vallavan. Right from the first photo shoot for Vallavan, they couldnt keep themselves off each other. From then on, their relationship became the most talked about. They would be seen together at all public functions, like they were perfectly happy together - and it seemed they were.

    Another actress close to Nayantara has disclosed this to us....

    "Even after falling in love with Nayantara, Simbu did not mend his ways. He stuck on with his flirtatious ways , adding to his "credit" a number of women. I am one of these women. Ask Trisha and she will tell you many more stories about Simbu". However, she stopped the relationship at the right time as otherwise she would have become another victim just like Nayantara.

    Nayantara once made a surprise visit to the hotel where Simbu stayed, only to see that he was fooling around with another girl. Immediately, she walked out of the place in anger. From then on began the story of their split. To get away from Simbu, she decided to move to Tollywood. Not ready to give up, he bought a house in Hyderabad and settled there. There he got wind of rumours of a alleged affair between Nagarjuna and Nayantara. Simbu then decided to see that the truth would come out in public. The photos, that he claims to have sent out, are only the tip of the iceberg. He has many more evidences in the form of vidoes and photographs showcasing the relationship between Nayantara and Nagarjuna. Nayantara is maintaining silence as she is afraid that he might put those out too for the whole world to see."

    When we contacted Ajith, Nayantara's manager, he spoke to us with Nayantara's permission after an initial hesitation. He said that at this point in time, Simbu and Nayantara are not in touch with each other. He also said that all the "secret" pictures that have been put out for the media to publish are owned only by Simbu. He said, "I'd leave you to an assumption as to how they reached the Internet. We will face the situation in an appropriate manner, if any more of such controversial photos are released by Simbu or his friends. If necessary, we will take up this matter with the C.M.".

    We spoke to Simbu over the phone concerning the allegations levelled against him. When asked if he were the one who released those photographs, Simbu retaliated angrily, "I have already answered this question several times. What do you people expect from me? Ok... It is me who gave all those photos to the press. I will give many other photos also... is that enough?," after which he immediately cut the line. It is said that now this matter has been brought to the knowledge of the Chief Minister. Let us wait and see eventually where this matter will end.

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