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Excerpts from the interview:

Karan: How does it feel ... you know you are back after such a long time... do you feel things have changed in the industry ... the work ethic... things like that?
Madhuri: Yes... simple things

Karan: Like what
Madhuri: Like... you know you have a whole bound script and that's not a very simple ...
Karan: And that didn't happen during your time?
Madhuri: Oh No, it didn't ... sometimes we used to go on the sets, we didn't even know what we were going to say in the scene... we used to get the dialogues right then...
Karan: Last minute
Madhuri: Ya... last minute... learn them and just say them and the whole economics was different at that time of film making... and I think because of the corporate kind of culture that has come in now, its great, because everything is so organized now

Karan: Everything is streamlined...
Madhuri: Everything is disciplined ... you know it is worked out before hand... what the scene is going to be and what you are going to wear... what you're look is going to be ... everything is set for you ... it is so easy for the actors

Karan: What else has happened is, this whole emergence of the paparazzi and the media... do you think...
Madhuri: That has shocked me
Karan: Like what
Madhuri: I was invited for this opening and I saw this barrage of cameramen and the press was like falling all over each other... and I was like what is happening ...

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