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    My Formula is...always Rajini's Formula

    By Super Admin

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007
    Vijay had just returned from Australia after completing two song sequences in the country. As his movie Pokkiri was working out well, he was full of cheer and accepted an interview with our corespondent at his Neelankarai House. The excerpts from his Exclusive interview...

    " The movie is in good progress. The optimum shots have finished. The pre-poduction works are in progress. You can see me again as a Romantic Hero in Pokkiri. The film will be a complete movie with all ingredients.... action, love, sentiment, humour etc., have all been mixed in an equal proportion. Actually 'Pokiri' is a Telugu remake which created a new collection hoistory in Andhra box-office. Director Prabhudeva is shooting with full Vigour, in his typical style. Everyday after the shooting he discusses about the scenes shot and the scenes to be shot with his co-directors. My role totally changes in the climax in this movie. It would he an exciting shock for my fans. There is a surprising and thought provoking turning in the climax."

    In a fight sequence with 'Fepsi' Vijayan, a magnificient action scene has been shot at Golconda fort in Andhra. In a scene wherein myself and Asin kept speaking, the villains come over rushing, immediately I defend them and throw them out of the scene. Those visuals are really exciting. It is not a cinema stunt but the real thrill !

    Do you study your character and practise it at home for every movie? Definitely.... I analyse my role and discuss in my mind, about how well must I perform. There is a lot of change in my acting in this movie. As far as songs are concerned, since Prabhudeva is a marvellous dancer, I shiver seeing him or to say literally his presence makes me shiver. He has achieved a lot in dancing and got the National award for choreography. I feel a bit nervous while dancing in front of him. Even if any other dance director composes the dance, Prabhudeva's dance postures are ultimately used to add shine for the dance. Very first time, I have taken some dance rehearsals also for this movie. Its you to tell me after seeing the movie.

    After Pokkiri? I am going to work with Appachan's Swarg Chitra who had produced a movie Friends with me and Surya . The dialogue writer Bharathan is going to direct it. Shreya is my pair. The music is by A.R. Rehman. The other technicians and artists are yet to be decided. Bharathan has already worked with Tharani. While acting in the movie Gilli we were in the same wave length.

    You have headed it as Azhagiya Tamil Magan... Its lovely too. How did you select it?
    For every movie we keep atleast forty titles and finally we decided. Likewise, amidst forty headings Azhagiya Tamil Magan was selected. This heading was already published in all the magazines, before we had announced it.

    Your movies are dubbed in Telugu, but you do not act in Telugu...why?
    I got many offers in Hindi&Telugu.But I don't know both these languages. I feel its better to act only in Tamil in which I am well-used.

    The new and upcoming actors follows your style...
    Everyone have their own formula and are progressing in their own path. My formula is always commerical. M.G.R's and Rajini's formula have reached people. I'm always in favour of Rajini's Farmula. My only intention is to satisfy and entertain my fans and the people. The producers distributors and the exibitors must be delighted.

    New faces are also acting in dual roles. But after years you are ...?
    I understood boss.. But I haven't got a full fledged subject to act in a dual role. Wouldn't I be anxious to act in a dual role, when I have acted as a hero in 44 movies.... My fans are also asking me, and are longing to see me in dual role. I am sure to perform.

    Are you interested in acting in a get-up changed characters?
    I took many stills with rough sideboards and heavy moustache.But I need a suitable subject to act with such a get-up. Even in the movie Pokkiri we have tried a song in which I am in a kings get up

    Are you going to act again in your own banner 'Suryan Arts' ?
    Right now there is no such idea. I have got a lot of commitments outside.

    Have you any idea of working in your father's direction?
    He has just completed the movie Nenjirukkum Varai and released it. Its climax has got a great appreciation amidst viewers. He is a hard-work. Its true, that he was advised to take complete bedrest regarding his health, but he can never be idle. Just as my dad, my mom also very busy. She is in the world of Karnatic music. Even she can't take rest. I don't have any idea about what he has decided after the movie Neenjirukkum Varai. In the future I will work under my father's direction.

    Is there any punch-dialogue and an opening song?
    Yes, there is a punch-dialogue. I always repeat a particular dialogue. It concides with the story and will be enjoyed by my fans. There is an opening song too. 'Aadungada Ennai suthi, nan iyannaaru vettu kathi...' are the wordings of the song which is written by Kapilan. Every song has its own glamour and varies from each other.

    Suppose there comes a trend wherein the old tamil movies are remake, which one will be be your choice? My passion would be to act in Rajini sir's movie 'Murattu kaalai'. I heard that the movie 'Billa' is coming again with a new form.

    Do you watch Holly wood movies?
    Why not? Recently I had admired movies like Man of power, Out of Time, Jogan New. I never omit movies of Tom cruise, silverster Stellon, Jettly and Jackie.

    Would you say a few words about the persons working under Pokkiri unit?
    Asin: There are two catogories of heroines. We like some actresses... the fans would like to see me acting with some particular heroines. After watching the movie, you can very well judge, to which categery Asin belongs. Asin has excelled in both dance movements as well as acting.

    Prakash Raj: He is an acter who shines in any roles,either as a villain, or humorous role or even in a full fledged acting role. He has such a brain, that if we are slightly regligent he would eat us. He has played wonderfully in this movie without boasting.

    Vadivelu: Regarding brother Vadivelu, there are no words to express. As for as he is concerned, the moment he enters the frame, everybody is in laughter. His face itself depicts humour. Either he beats someone, or else is beaten up by some one... it results in a sense of humour. In this movie, they have squeezed him to the maxmium. He too has expleded in humour.

    Napeleon: A man of height, possessing high thoughts. He depicts a symbol of simplicity, in his behaviour with others. He enacts a very important role in an absolutely different style.

    Mani Sharma: He has already given me many hit songs. He is a busy man in Telugu. He has given great melodies in this movie, which would tempt the people to listen repeately.

    Camera man Neeravsha: An exact camera man who elepicts the thoughts of Prabhudeva, exactly. The credit goesto Neeravsha for completing the movie at the earliest.

    Producer S.Rames Babu: Producer at an young age. Even though young, he is highly experienced. He is a genius man of action.

    Prabhudeva: I have amazed at him a dance director and also as an actor. I was in high breaths, when he used to dance in the show. He has induced many new aspects of dance in this movie. Just wait until Pongal see his hard efforts.

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