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"Only Rajini can give honest administration," - Cho

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Soundarya & Cho S Ramaswamy
Political analyst Cho once again invites Rajini to active politics. He said that Rajini would enter politics as per the wishes of his well wishers. "Because he is the only capable person at present to give an honest administration to the state."

A biography of Indian Superstar Rajinikanth, penned by an Ophthalmologist Gayathri, was released here on Thursday. Veteran journalist and political critic Cho S Ramaswamy handed over the first copy of the book to the Superstar's daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth.

"Lauding Rajinikanth for his phenomenal success as an actor, Rajinikanth was a believer in spiritualism but he is not a spiritualist, a great observer of politics but not a politician and an actor but not a showman," Cho said.

"Have you seen any actor, who spends 15 days per year in a dense forest of Rishikesh and survives with Oats liquid and some cheap fruits? But I have seen and he is none other than our Rajini. Rajini never likes money or big position in politics. These qualities made him a great person and he is the only capable person to give a good administration in the state" he added.

"If Rajinikanth decided to enter politics, as per the wishes of the people of Tamil Nadu, he would provide an honest government in the state and would develop it as one of the finest states in the country, even more than Gujarath. He will become one of the fine administrators like Modi, why Modi? More than him!" Cho said.

He mentioned in lighter way, "Some of the journalists described that I'm the adviser of Rajini while he takes all his decision. Can you show me a person, who comes up in his life with my advice? Never! Rajini is always taking his own decision. But before taking a decision he discussed a lot with his friends and well wishers. That is an important quality of a good administrator."

Former director of the Central Bureau Investigation D Karthikeyan said Rajinikanth was a pleasant man to move with and a man of humility.

Soundarya Rajnikanth said, "She is proud to be the daughter of a great man."

"Rajinikanth had narrated events of his life with great patience for the biography. Youth have a lot to learn from him," said the Biographer Gayathri.

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