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      7aam Arivu – Music Review

      By By: Prakash Upadhyaya

      A real test of character comes, when you have a huge success story behind you. That's right. You will be in a position where people only expect best or something unique and you have to meet their expectations at any cost. Isn't? This is what the Ghajini combo (Surya, AR Murugadoss, and Harris Jayaraj), is going through. The trio, which is back with 7aam Arivu, seems to have been under pressure to live up to the standard set by them. Now, let us see what they have offered. Read on for 7aam Arivu music review.

      Song: Oh Ringa Ringa
      Singer(s): Roshan, Jerry John, Benny Dayal, Suchitra
      Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
      The moment you play the song, you might be surprised that it sounds similar to AR Rahman's famous song 'Taxi taxi...' from Sakkarakatti. The beats and the singing style are similar to the earlier number. However, the latest track is good. Suchitra starts it by voicing 'Lava lava lamma..' The drum beats and the Western style tune make it as a worthy soundtrack to hear. Mind you, it will a different appeal, when we see it with visuals.

      Song: Mun Andhi
      Singer(s): Karthik, Megha
      Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar
      One would not have expected a feel-good song to arrive soon after a heavy beats song. Well, Karthik, who is one of the bests crooner in romantic songs in Tamil, has done the magic again. With his soft vocal and Na. Muthukumar's wonderful lines, the song takes you for a romantic ride.

      Song: Yellae Lama
      Singer(s): Vijay Prakash, Karthik, Shalini and Shruti Hassan
      Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar
      The song, comprising some of the big names, is a fast track. The song is rich in instruments and keeps the same momentum till the end. It is more of a beats than voice. This track also belongs to the list of songs, which could have a different look when seen on-screen.

      Song: Yamma Yamma
      Singers: SP Balasubramaniam & Swetha Mohan
      Lyrics: Kabilan
      SP Balasubramaniam comes behind the bike for the pathos song of the album. 'Yamma yamma..' lyrics penned by Kabilan will be hit among the guys, who have lost their love. The legendary singer has beautifully crooned in the slow track. The instruments, especially ghatam, used in the song makes you to give thumbs up for the song instantly.

      Song: Innum Enna Thozha
      Singers: Balram, Naresh Iyer, Suchith Suresan
      Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
      An unexpected inspirational song arrives to change your mood. Pa. Vijay has proved his brilliancy with his words again. Balram's voice has perfectly fitted to the soundtrack and the chorus adds more energy to the track.

      Song: The Rise of Damo (Chinese Song)
      Singers: Hao Wang
      Lyrics: Madhan Karky
      Here comes the song, which you have been eagerly waiting to listen - the Chinese number. Even though we cannot understand the lyrics, yet it impresses with the tune in its traditional Mandarin style of singing.

      Harris Jayaraj compositional 7aam Arivu has variety of songs. The soundtracks will have larger appeal when it is watched. The Rise of Damo, Yamma Yamma and Mun Andhi are best songs of the film.

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