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Rajinikanth, The Man Of The Moment On Google, Twitter, Facebook

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It seems like the day belongs to Rajinikanth! The name of the superstar is creating buzz all across the internet, as he is being wished by people everywhere. Be it on Google or social networking sites like Twitter, he is a trending topic.

News and special stories on Rajinikanth are being flooded on Google News, which is updating news on the superstar every few minutes. On Twitter, fans are going crazy, as there are endless posts/wishes are pouring in with the hashtag #Rajinikanth. It is the same case on Facebook too. Since morning, the Tamil actor is on trends and it is expected to remain same throughout the day.

Many top celebrities have taken to Twitter to wish the actor. Gujarat Chief Minister and the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N Chandra Babu Naidu, and many others wished the superstar on the social networking site. Their wishes were grandly welcomed by Rajini fans, as they acknowledged it by retweeting it.

Film fraternity from South is not left behind, as many celebrities, who are on Twitter, have not only wished Rajinikanth but also shared photos of them with the superstar.

On Twitter, people are sharing jokes on Rajinikanth and pictures of the superstar. Well, if you love reading the light-hearted jokes of the superstar, follow the slideshow...

Rajini Jokes – Set 1

Rajini in Tamil remake of Aamir's Ghulam. He runs on a railway track, the train is now at a distance of 1 mtr. Now what? Obviously... The train jumps off the track.

Rajini Jokes – Set 2

If Rajnikanth gets into a car accident (yeah right) His car will need some airbags to protect it from him.
Contrary to popular belief, Rajnikant cannot fly. He just jumps and chooses when to come down

Rajini Jokes – Set 3

If Rajnikanth ever got caught for speeding, he'd let the cops off with a warning.
Rajnikanth runs until the treadmill gets tired
The only reason Shahrukh Khan stuttered in the movie Darr is because he saw Rajnikanth behind Juhi Chawla!!

Rajini Jokes – Set 4

Once Rajnikant participated in Bike race. Don't even try 2 guess wat happened. Rajnikant won d race on Neutral gear
Rajinikanth is a vegetarian. Meaning, he does not eat animals until first he puts them into vegetative state with his fists.
Once Rajnikanth was on Hot Seat of KBC and Computer needed Lifeline to Choose the question.
If Rajinikanth's PC hangs, its time for the next Windows release by Microsoft.

Rajini Jokes – Set 5

Lifetime Warranties do not exist because of Rajnikanth.
Rajnikanth puts his pants on two legs at a time.
Once Bill Gates went to Rajnikant. For what? To ask for DVD of Windows 8.
Rajnikanth was born on 30th february.. Since then february decided not to give this date to anyone else..!! Mind it.
Ra. One is 1 minute short film of Rajini in whch SRK did a 2 nd half hour guest appearance.

Rajini Jokes – Set 6

In honour of our Great Rajnikant, Indian government has decided yesterday to change the name of famous league..."RANJI TROPHY" To "RAJNI TROPHY"‌

Rajini Jokes – Set 7

If Rajini would have been born a 100 years ago, the British would have fought for the independence.
Death once had a near-Rajinikanth experience!
Even power generation stations had experienced Rajinikanth shock.‌

Rajini Jokes – Set 8

If Rajinikanth's PC hangs.. it's time for next Windows release.
Sun doesn't rise until Rajinikanth says 'Good morning'.
Rajinikanth was preparing for a spelling test, the rough sheet he used is known as Oxford Dictionary.
Rajinikanth once wrote a cheque, the bank bounced!
Rajnikanth can draw a straight line with a compass!
Rajnikanth knows who let the dogs out!!

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