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Jilla Fans Reviews

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The Pongal festival has begun early in Tamil Nadu with the releases of much-hyped Vijay's Jilla and Ajith Kumar's Veeram. The films have been released today (January 10) in India, but saw the light of day on Thursday in some foreign countries.

For Illayathalapathy Vijay, it is the most important movie of his career as his last movie Thalaivaa was marred with controversies over the release. The film did not fare at Box Office to the expected levels. Now, the actor wants to erase those memories with a huge success through Jilla, which is not only expected by Tamil audience, but also by Malayalam cine-goers due to the presence of Mohanlal in the cast.

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Jilla is an action movie directed by Nesan. Vijay, Mohanlal and Kajal Aggarwal are in the lead roles in the film produced by RB Choudhary under the prestigious banner of Super Good Movies.

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The trailer, teasers and music of the film had raised the expectations in the minds of audience. They all looked promising and as a result, the movie is in huge demand. So, what the film has to offer? Has the film lived up to the audience expectations? The answer is here... Reports emerging from international circuit say that the film has got mixed reviews.

Here, we are bringing you Jilla audience reviews based on Twitter response. Find it on the slideshow...

Prashanth Tweets

Vijay looks so young #jilla
Opening song, pongal is here #jilla
Interval - not bored for even 5 minutes #Jilla


Music super...camera extraordinary, more than that Vijay is excellent. Mohanal is brilliant. Watch the film with your family.

Kolly Buzz Posts

#Jilla Plus: Vijay & Mohanlal's screen presence, Terrific BGM & Choreo. Minus: Lengthy, Editing & Excessive actions. Worth a watch! 3/5

Shan Writes

#Jilla's biggest strenght are @immancomposer's songs and BGM. Great cinematography and excellent choreography by #RajuSundaram & #Sridhar
#Jilla is OK - Movie is too lengthy and some scenes are dragging. Still it's enjoyable because of #Mohanlal and #Vijay who steals the show.

Shaan Posts

#Jiiva came for 10sec in #PaattuOnnu clip. #Jilla
#Jilla - First half is good
#Jilla - 3songs over (PaattuOnnu, VerasaPogayile & Jingunamani) + some actions scenes & FUN. Interval block is thrilling with Mohanlal

Ajay Writes

#Jilla - 2.75/5. But, if you're a Vijay fan, you will be satisfied. Families may also enjoy the movie too. Just watch it once, and enjoy!
#Jilla - 2.75/5. Movie is enjoyable but if you're looking for proper entertainment with a good story, then maybe give this a miss.
#Jilla - Apart from some dragging scenes, and other cons, the movie still packs a treat for the first time watch. Just enjoy. 2.75/5.

Ajay Posts

#Jilla - @immancomposer does a fantastic job. Keeps the movie going. Songs could definitely have been orchestrated a bit better.
#Jilla - Overall, you can watch the movie once definitely because of #Vijay and #Mohanlal. Vijay fans will be pleased. Duration is long.
#Jilla - There are several scenes where fans will erupt in celebration. At the same time, some scenes are dragging, such as the comedy.

Ajay Tweets

#Jilla - All the cast do their jobs well, but #Vijay and #Mohanlal steal the show. Both do their parts well, and show their Mass.
#Jilla - Second half tries to pick up pace, but doesn't do justice completely. Action scenes are worth the watch.
#Jilla - Some songs in the first half are visually a treat, but others are plain and have nothing new to offer. Nice twist before interval.
#Jilla - First half is decent, nothing spectacular about it. #Vijay does his role with ease as always. All the dialogues are impressive.

Hari Krishna Raju Writes

Hospital scene was intense now the police station scene ... Heart of the first half.. Of course "predictable" #jilla
Fire accident scene ... Conflict ki seed...: huh... Btw poor graphics ..: #jilla

Hari Krishna Raju Posts

Jingunamani item song time ... #jilla this reducing graph needs a big boost now... Nemmadiga padukobedutunnadu.. Don't make us to sleep ya
1hr aindi... As usual .. Going on.. Few laughs here and there.. #jilla main theme is not started yet...
Adannamata matter.. Shakthi in confusion now... Good lock in screenplay.. #jilla
Pradeep rawat as commissioner ..: confrontation time #jilla

B sakthivelan Tweets

#jilla interval. Very old script, but have some grip.

Jilla Pongal Arrives Posts

#Jilla - 1st half over, so far too Good. Vijay and Lal steals the show :) Thalaivar's mannerism and attitude semma.. #ImWaiting for 2nd half

KamalBaktanVjVeriyan Tweets

#Jilla 1st half over andhar mass not even single scene boring #Thalapathy theri mass #JillaPongal

Guru Charan Posts

#Jilla perfect pongal treat. #Thalapathy nd Lal ettan Show All the way ! Smart direction. Emotional scenes were too good B-)"

Rahmaniac Tweets

#Jilla Mass entertaining movie. Vijay na and Lal sir screen present are mind blowing. Terrific BGM & awesome choreo :)
1st half is completely fun and mass #Jilla

m/ Jilla m/ Claims

Highlights of the movie: Vijay's mannerism, Lal sir's manliness, imman's bgm, soori's comedy, screenplay & Neason's commercial plot #Jilla
RT Neason seems to be a promising director in the commercial cinema space #Jilla

Sidhu Writes

Dear Vijay fans. If you wanna whistle, clap and enjoy, look no further/ But if you're looking for a perfect mass entertainer, nope! #Jilla
#Jilla : For Vijay and Mohanlal fans, alone. 2014 starts with a disappointment.
#Jilla : 3 hours too long for a mass movie. Song picturisation is a worry. Silly comedy and highly predictable twists.

Sidhu Posts

#Jilla : Vijay back to mass hero image, will be lapped up by fans. Mohanlal adequate. Colorful setup with lots of artists.
#Jilla ( 5.5 / 10 ) : Mass overload. Vijay and Mohanlal pack a punch, but this sure is a disappointment. D.Imman the saviour!

Sidhu Claims

#Jilla takes an interesting turn at the interval. Let's wait and see!
#Jilla Interval : So far just fine. Kiddy comedy, flying action and bland song picturisation. Vijay, Mohanlal and dialogues impress.

Dinesh Venkatraman Tweets

Watta dialogue delivery by @Mohanlal sir!! THE COMPLETE ACTOR!! Vijay looks too young nd stylish!
I like d plot of #jilla!! Wel executed one!! Needs to be trimmed by 15 to 20 mins!! Vijay na diff body launguage!!Loved his cute expressions

Dinesh Venkatraman Posts

#jilla Decent Flick!! Treat for vijay Anna fans!! Loved BGM 2 d core!! Bit lengthy!! Interval block scenes theri mass!! #JillaPongal
#Jilla Intermission!! one of d best interval block n his movies!! Watta BGM!! Chanceless!! #vijay nd @Mohanlal chemistry rocking!!!

Ashwin Subramaniam Tweets

#Jilla- complete entertrainer. Haters keep middle finger on ur mouth r back!!!

BreakingViews Tweets

#JILLA first half, so far Good entertainer, bit lengthy, interval scene GOOSBUMPS !!!! The best since t20(malayalam)

Rajasekar Writes

#Jilla-The climax and interval twist are the only positives in the film,other than that on the whole a disappointing film.
#Jilla-nothing new in this film,Imman's music alone a saving grace. Strictly for Vijay fans.
#Jilla-1.5/5,run of the mill commercial film.Nesan failed big time in using Vijay and Mohanlal's star value,disappointing attempt

Dinesh On Track Posts

#Jilla 3.25/5! Neson is the biggest minus. Having such script with power casting he must have executed well. He misused them.
#Jilla 3.25/5! I personally liked the 2nd half than 1st half. When Vijay gets into serious note towards the climax, he was perfect.

Dinesh On Track Claims

#Jilla 3.25/5! Screenplay,Direction, Editing were average. Nice script but unconvincing direction. Lal & Vijay on screen lifts the movie.
#Jilla 3.25/5. Sentiments & Emotional scenes worked out really well than Action & Comedy scenes. Children & Family audience will love it.
#Jilla 3.25/5! Feel good family entertainer. Vijay & Mohanlal combo is the biggest plus of the movie.


#Jilla is outstanding..Vijay and Mohanlal rock....gud screenplay by Nesan...Kajal good..BGM wonderful

Vigneshwaran Posts

#Jilla was actually nice. A Vijay movie with a story! :)

JS Murugesan Writes

End of First Half #Jilla Highly Entertaining #Siva #Shakthi Equal Screen Presence. #Vijay Rocking in Opening Fight. #Verasapogayele Awesome"

Arunkumar KG Claims

#jilla as a @Mohanlal huge disappointment bt it may be a treat 2 vijay fans

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