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Kochadaiiyaan Music Launch Photos, Trailer & Speeches

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The much-awaited songs of Rajinikanth starrer Kochadaiiyaan was released on Sunday (March 9). AR Rahman, Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Jackie Shroff and others were part of the audio release event.

K Balachandar, SP Muthuraman, Shankar, KS Ravi Kumar and lyricist Vairamuthu were also present during the function at Sathyam Cinemas, in which Rajinikanth released the audio. Of the nine songs directed by Rajinikanth's daughter Soundarya R Ashwin, noted singer S P Balasubrahmanyam, Rahman, and Rajinikanth's wife Latha have lent their voices. Another Oscar winner and sound engineer Resul Pookutty, has worked for the India's first motion capture photo-realistic animated film.

We bring you what guests said in this article along with audio release photos of Kochadaiiyaan and the trailer of the film.

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AR Rahman Foresees An Industry In Motion Capture Technology
AR Rahman said he foresees a separate industry in this field. "Like there is Hollywood and Bollywood and the industry for South Indian films, there can be an entire industry on films made with this technology," he said at the audio launch of Kochadaiiyaan. He recalled how the film's director Soundarya had put in efforts into making it and said he was sure it would succeed.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release - Pic 1

"When I came to Chennai from US, Soundarya told me about Kochadaiiyaan, which she said would get over in a year. I was wondering how and I took a week. By then, Rajini sir had called up and I realised the kind of efforts going into this film. Then I decided to go ahead," Rahman said.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 2

Motion or performance capture technology helps filmmakers record the movements of the actor -- in specially made suits, which capture the emotions, gestures and body language of the actor and translates it into animation.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 3

Rahman Was Hesitant Of Accepting Kochadaiiyaan!
AR Rahman says he was not confident about working in Kochadaiiyaan, said to be the country's first performance capture photo-realistic technology 3D animated film.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 4

"In 2010, I was offered an English animated film by DreamWorks to be made using the same technology. But they told me that it will take them five years to complete it. I wondered how I could sustain interest for five years, but I understood the effort that goes into making such films," Rahman told reporters on Sunday.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 5

"A year later, Soundarya approached me with Kochadaiiyaan, which was to be made using the same technology. She said she will finish the film in one year. Since I knew how much of effort goes into such films, I hesitated, but when I finally started working on the project and I could feel the positive energy and the commitment," he added.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 6

"Like how we have Hollywood and Bollywood, I believe this film will open the door for south Indian cinema to create a new industry. I wish them all the luck for the same," he said.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 7

I'm A Big Rajinikanth Fan: SRK
Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan said he is such a big fan of Rajinikanth that he decided to attend the audio launch of his film Kochadaiiyaan.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 8

"I came here for three reasons. Firstly, like all of you, I am a big Rajinikanth fan," Shahrukh told reporters at the launch.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 9

Reminiscing his earlier days, SRK said that many years ago when he landed in Mumbai, he went to see the shooting of a Hindi film starring Rajinikanth and learned an important lesson after observing the southern superstar.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 10

"I saw from far away that he was standing in front of a big mirror and practising throwing cigarette in his mouth.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 11

"There were a lot of actors minding their own business, but Rajini sir kept on practising. He was getting it right like he does every time in the film, but he kept practising. That's one of my learning lessons of my life because someone of his talent and stature keeps on working so hard," he said.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 12

The second main reason is friendship, said SRK. "I was in need of a lot of help during the making of Ra One, and I would like to thank Rajini sir, Soundarya and Lata ma'am for helping me out overnight. I have come as a friend because whenever I came to Chennai or Tamil Nadu, all of you have given me so much of love," he added.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 13

Talking about the third reason, SRK said: "I came here as a seeker of knowledge because the films made here actually make our country the proudest. The films by K Balachander sir, Shankar sir and so many others have taught so much in cinema."

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 14

Shahrukh, who recently paid tribute to Rajinikanth through the song "Lungi Dance" in Chennai Express, crooned a few lines of the song on stage for the superstar.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 15

The film has been directed by Rajinikanth's daughter Soundarya. SRK said he is excited about Kochadaiiyaan as it has been made using motion capture photo-realistic technology.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 16

"I was extremely excited when four years ago Soundarya talked about her ambitious project because this is going to change cinema in this country. I believe this technology is going to be one of the finest steps in Indian film industry," he said.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 17

Also starring Jackie Shroff, Shobana, R. Sarath Kumar, Aadi Pinisetty, Nasser and Rukmini, Kochadaiiyaan will release on April 11 worldwide.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 18

Kochadaiiyaan Tribute To Rajini's Illustrious Career:
Soundarya said that her directorial debut Kochadaiiyaan is a tribute to her father. In a touching speech at the audio launch of the film, she thanked her father for giving her the opportunity to direct him.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 19

"Dad, thank you a million times for being so patient, supportive and encouraging. You were the rock I needed by my side. The film has come to life because of you. We are all here only for you. This film is my tribute to your illustrious career," Soundarya told reporters here.

Kochadaiiyaan Music Release – Pic 20

"This is a humble attempt for me to present you on stage how everybody wants to see you. I'm your biggest fan and I have this opportunity to say it in front of your fans. Thank you very much," she added. Soundarya said that the film took so long because they wanted to make technologically the best film.
"This is a first attempt. All first efforts will be challenging. Since the process in this technology is very long, we had to pay attention to every minute detail to master the technology. From a leaf to bird to even dust, we spent a lot of time to bring everything to perfection," she said.

"It's because fans want to see our superstar in a different avatar, I have taken so much of time and effort to make the film. So we need your support and blessing for our effort to bring motion capture technology to India," said Soundarya.

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