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Kochadaiiyaan Trailer Analysis: An Impressive Work But Raises Doubts Over Commercial Success

By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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The grandeur of Kochadaiiyaan was disclosed to the world with the movie bosses releasing a trailer of the Tamil film on Sunday (March 9). The short-video clipping clearly indicates that the Tamil flick is rich, colourful and technically good film.

The trailer of Kochadaiiyaan leaves you amazed and raises high expectations on the film. The CGI works, dialogues, characterizations and every other single elements have been perfectly blended in the video clip.

Inspiring Story
Rajinikanth as the King inspires audience, who gives a hint of his character's bravery, his swords and archery skills in the Kochadaiiyaan trailer. The highlight of the video-clipping is that the superstar has injected his own style into his role with his mannerisms and punch dialogues.

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Industry Talk
Industry insiders are stunned by what they have seen in the Kochadaiiyaan trailer. Many believe that a moment seems to have arrived that will make all Indians proud. Especially, the Tamil audience will feel pride this development, as it is a good step in the right direction to take Kollywood films to international standards.

Worrying Factor
While the fans of Rajinikanth are celebrating the trailer and audio release and praising it to heavens, many have expressed their doubts over the commercial prospects of the film. Question that they are asking - is our Tamil audience ready for such films? An easily believed answer is that a typical Rajinikanth fan will love to see an action-packed film with all the necessary commercial elements.

Endhiran struck the gold because audience could feel Rajini in the film. But Kochadaiiyaan is an animated film and it is not sure how mass will embrace this superstar. Let us wait and see what people will say about it whe the film hits the screens on April 11.

Well, on the other end, people have started debating over the quality of the film. There is a mixed response over the same. Here, we are bringing you some of those comments.

KingIntTheNorth183 Wrote

Look like cutscenes from a PS1 game. Japanese home videos have better animation and they cost barely anything. Put more emphasis on the tech and less on the 'star power'.

Prashanth Ashokan

1/6th of an avg hollywood nimation movie's budget. This is all could be expected. And yes it does look like video game cinematics and not of a movie quality. It is however the step in the right direction to inspire more people to take up the art in India.

Gautham Natarajan

The CGI looks like some 5 year old video game. Couldn't they get Disney or Pixar to help?

Nihal Raj

Why it has to be deepika padukone ? It can be any normal girl for this kind of animation ..Huge money waste on the heroin character :(

Venkat S Venky

Love the trailer.... To me, the graphiics look great. To make a full length movie like this with complete motion capture/animation is no easy task for Indian film makers, who are not as experienced. This is a stepping stone, like how Endhiran was a stepping stone in sci-fi. I will watch this for the man, Rajnikanth, and ARR's music. But I will also watch this for the vision of Soundarya and her sincere attempt to make a film of this scale and grandeur. I would give her some pat on the back.

Berlin Mano

This is an attempt to bring those wonderful movies to india. It's a indian movie. This is not plain animation as you think and the same applies to the so called movies around the world. There is a lot of work done behind the scenes.

Harish Ram

I'm not going to compare with Avatar or Life of Pie. But compared to 3D animated films made in India this is very low in output quality. Even Media Dreams in 90s gave better output. In live action films when we have pleasing CG in Endhiran, Eega among others this work is very poor. So whoever is using words like India, woman, pride, effort think deeply.

Kewin Anthony

Not satisfied with the graphics though. But it's ok, since it's the first of its kind... Go Indian film industry, you've got a long way to reach the top.

Varun Techie

Good effort. and don't compare with avatar or tintin avatar budget is mere 1500crores and this movie is 125 crores how can you compare to them compare with same budget movies. yup motion is bit jittery and facial expressions are not unto the mark but this is first Indian movie to use motion capture so we have to appreciate for that.

Naan Tamilzhan

I think we can not make our judgments simply based on the trailer alone. For me it appears to be a good effort to make an animation movie. Hope you all admit that even if this an experimental attempt, super star Rajini is capable of shouldering such a massive project offering the guarantee that the producer will at least get back his money, in case if it does not become a hit. No producer will take the risk of putting crores of rupees on an experimental project like this on any other actor other than Rajini.

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