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Kochadaiiyaan Trailer Sparks Fight Between Two Groups

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Rajinikanth's Kochadaiiyaan is ruling social media and iTunes. The trailer of the film, which was launched on Sunday (March 9), has gone viral on internet as it has got more than 10 lakhs hits in just two days! But the other side of the story is that the quality of the film, despite the movie bosses requesting fans not to compare with Hollywood films, has come under scrutiny. Indeed, it has paved way for war of words between two groups.

Rajinikanth fans have overwhelmingly welcomed the trailer of Kochadaiiyaan. They have showered praises on the video clip and ensured that it reaches every nook and corner on internet. On social media platforms and fans websites, they are extenstively engaging people by doing various activites. Their sole intention is to generate positive vibes around the film, which will hit the screens next month 11th for the Tamil New Year.

But on the other end, there are people, who think that the Kochadaiiyaan CGI (Computer generated imagery) quality is poor and not up to the mark. This has lead to war of words between Rajini fans and others, who has given thumbs down to the animation part. Their is a fight going on between the two parties and we bring you some of their comments.


Despite of the claims that Soundarya Ashwin made many times that this is not a cartoon film... It is indeed Cartoon, CG films are lot realistic than this... I don't want to downgrade the hardworks that many legends have put in... But to be very honest... Such a Grand Script, Grand Artists and Great Lyricists, Greatest Musician have been dishonored.... A Hollywood director make the same script a lot better... At least they should have consulted James Cameroon in this case... Life of pie, Transformers, 300 were also by CG... But no one can tell where they've used it....

Arun Reddy

Poor Quality Animation, They could have done real picture with the same budget with real RAJINI.. As a RAJINI FAN, Want to see him Real...

Harish Murali

This is the first Indian film to do this type of animation. First hollywood film to do this was POLAR EXPRESS. Compare this to that. Kochadaiiyaan is better. But yes, the graphics could have been better.


Graphics are poor like they are from 90's.Colors are dull.Graphics in today's games trailers are 10x times better than this one.

Prashanth Ashokan

1/6th of an avg hollywood nimation movie's budget. This is all could be expected. And yes it does look like video game cinematics and not of a movie quality. It is however the step in the right direction to inspire more people to take up the art in India.

Gautham Natarajan

The CGI looks like some 5 year old video game. Couldn't they get Disney or Pixar to help?

Berlin Mano

This is an attempt to bring those wonderful movies to india. It's a indian movie. This is not plain animation as you think and the same applies to the so called movies around the world. There is a lot of work done behind the scenes.

Naveen Kumar K

Friends pls dont discourage them.. you all encouraging Hollywood films like Avatar and Tintin.. But u r not supporting our own indian films... Avatar budget is 1500 crores.. Tintin budget is 800 crores but kochadaiyan is only 125 crores... Within this budget they made this film hats off to kochadaiyan team... This team can make better film than tintin if they have 800 crores.. But Tintin team cant make a film in 125 crores... And all know onething, Life of Pi film's graphics techinicians are from india so indians can do better than hollywood if they r provided with big budget...

Jeevan Nathan

This goes to those who preach appreciate the effort... The effort made should generate admiration.. if its the other way around it just creates complacency... With such inadequacies should they go for a full fledged movie? big stars? big composer? big expectation? What's the director's experience in producing peer reviewed animation like short movies or work with companies like Pixar or Dreamworks, starting from bottom learn the trade and tricks? All I see is a fortunate amateur graphic designer, daughter of a GREAT artist with resources.. Im sure there better qualified Indians to lead an animation with an eye for perfection... DONT SETTLE BE BETTER...

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