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      Life After Bigg Boss: How Is Oviya, Julie, Gayathri & Suja Treated?

      By Mayur Javali

      Bigg Boss, one the biggest reality shows in Hindi, Kannada and Tamil, gives all the chances to its contestants to make or break their professional career in the celluloid world. The first season of Bigg Boss, Tamil has been highly successful and the reception for the contestants of the reality show has been displayed by the public.

      If Oviya has been showered with unconditional love and support, few other contestants, such as Julie, Gayathri and Suja Varunee, have been targeted with brickbat from the same lot. Let's check out how the post Bigg Boss life is treating these contestants.

      Life After Bigg Boss: How Is Oviya, Julie, Gayathri & Suja Treated?


      The present heart-throb and sensation for TN youngsters, fondly called Thalaivi by the fanatic group of Oviya Army, Oviya, received widespread love and adulation from the audience for her easy-going attitude, straightforward nature and zero backbiting nature.

      The Kalavaani actress boasts of a colossal fan following and the haters group is just too hard to spot for this charming actress. Oviya's journey was a roller-coaster ride inside the house and she was cornered by almost all of the housemates. But the love and support from the audience were phenomenal and they saved her week after week during every single nomination. A recent interview of Oviya had clocked around 400K views with a huge 18K likes.

      The other reason for the audience to love the pretty actress is the fact that she just handles her questions real smooth without targeting & maligning anyone.

      Suja Varunee

      A wildcard entrant, Suja was a tough and a sturdy contestant in the house who had the winning spirit till the last hour. Though a determined contestant, who always put her 100% effort into the task, Suja was criticised quite too often for her characteristic behaviour.

      Suja, who came into the house midway, projected herself as an innocent soul who was being cornered by the housemates in order to gain the sympathy of the public. Once the idea was busted, she unveiled her true self but later played on with the emotional card. It was also seen that she was one such contestant who would get real wild and meticulous during tasks just to win.

      Suja's recent interview has a blend of both appreciation and criticism where she holds a distinguished spot of a contestant who possesses both fans and haters at an equal level.

      Gayathri Raghuram

      Hailing from the family of choreographers, Gayathri entered the house as a strong contestant with her supposed film, family and political background. However, her extreme anger, dominance and tendency to form groups did it in for the choreographer turned actress.

      Gayathri was lambasted for her attacks and remarks in the Oviya and Bharani case and was also heavily criticised for questioning the credibility of Vijay TV's technical department, Kamal's judgement and frequent usage of foul language.

      Gayathri, during her recent interviews, can be spotted targeting Oviya and Snehan indirectly. Not to forget the fact that any video or interview concerning the 34-year-old actress results in more dislikes than likes.

      Maria Juliana

      The brave Jallikattu girl, who was named as Veera Thamizhachi by a segment of Tamil Nadu, was later branded as fake and manipulative. Julie, who entered the house with the mileage earned during the Jallikattu row, was unable to sustain the same momentum due to various other aspects.

      Julie's bag of lies, manipulation & political games, just to win over the love and confidence of the housemates and audience, backfired. Her betrayal in Oviya's case earned her a negative tag amongst the audience which was followed by many such occasions.

      Julie recently visited a college as a chief guest for a dance performance where she was humiliated by the audiences and instead was subjected to Oviya slogans. Julie's recent interviews can be noticed with snail's speed likes and here's speed dislikes, where an interview with Behindwoods has recorded an enormous 18K dislikes. Julie, in her recent interviews, has also been noticed taking a jibe at Oviya indirectly.

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