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      Kaala First Look DECODED: The Many Hidden Things In The Poster!

      By Mayur Javali

      The entire social forums are seemingly working overtime. A potential don is sending everyone tizzy with his fierce look and shrewd smile in two different posters.

      Yes, it's THE MAN's FL release which is being discussed. Superstar Rajinikanth's Kaala-Karikalan's first look was released in two different posters.

      No doubt our Thalaivar's look is uber cool and dashing, but there is more than just the appeal in the look. P Ranjith who is known for his brilliant style of film-making which involves a lot of detailing at a minute level is said have got the poster design in a similar manner.

      Let's check out some of the imaginary messages hidden in the first look poster. These are some of the ideas captured from the social media and fans of Rajinikanth, who are jubilant enough in painting their own mind's eye.

      A Deserted Woman With An Infant

      A hapless woman sitting alone with her kid. Is she deserted by her better half or waiting for him to return? Or is she wailing over an injustice for which a don in the form of Kaala rises to the occasion.

      A Teen On Railway Track

      At the age of being a student, a teen wiles away his time which might infer the fact of oppressed low class people who are unable to afford education. This element can be seen as the mirror of Dharavi slum.

      Ice Boy Shop

      To the right side of the jeep is a shop, ICE. Ice Boy game is said to be the favourite game and a form of time pass for the slum dwellers.

      The Dog Connect

      This seems to be interesting. The last time Rajini had a dog in Mumbai, Baasha happened to us. Will Kaala repeat the magic? This might as well emphasize the loyalty and integrity of a certain character in the movie.

      More to it, P Ranjith is an ardent follower of BR Ambedkar, a Dalit leader, and was seen including quite a few references to the father of the constitution. Going by that logic, even BR Ambedkar was said to have a brown dog beside him which is said to be the portrayal of the same.

      A Flag

      To the extreme left of the jeep, a flag can be spotted just above the speaker. The colour of the flag might either be signifying SRMU (as it's near the railway) or communist entity which gives one an immediate thought about communism. The protagonist might be seen serving equality to all.

      The Number Plate

      This might be a mere coincidence or purely intentional. But the very fact of decoding the number plate would be correlated by many. MH 01 BR 1956. MH definitely denotes Maharashtra while 01 would be area registration. However, the discussion doing rounds is that BR symbolizes BR Ambedkar and 1956 is the death year of the legend.

      If one could have stuck their observatory skills on Kabali's posters, a lot could have been decoded upon the poster's release which were eventually known to the audience post the movie's release.

      This time, be it the social media fans or Thalaivar fans have wasted no time in decoding a lot of hidden information. This may or may not be part of the concept, or might even convey a deeper meaning of sorts. The teaser/trailer of the movie should give a gist of the overall scene.

      Connected to the subject matter, a lot of celebrities, who also are fans of the 67-year-old iconic legend were floored down by the first look and went gaga in Twitter.

      Wishes have been constantly pouring in for P Ranjith, Vince Raj, the designer and Dhanush for their much appreciable efforts.

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