HBD Balaji Murugadoss: 5 Times The Handsome Hunk Of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Ruled Our Hearts!

Balaji Murugadoss is undoubtedly one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 4. The model-turned-actor has time and again proved his worth in the show with his stints, individual gameplay and impressive strategy.

Known for his unaltered opinions, the handsome hunk has never shied away from calling a spade a spade, be it even before the host Kamal Haasan, which indeed makes him one of the most promising contestants of the season. Well, Balaji Murugadoss enjoys a huge fan following on social media. His fans and followers have always been a source of support in his ups and downs in the popular reality show.


As Balaji Murugadoss turns a year older, we bring you 5 stints of the actor in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 that became the talk of the town and eventually ruled our hearts.

Balaji's Graceful Dance Moves With Nisha And Anitha

During a recent task, Balaji was seen supporting his rival group members Nisha and Anitha. In the task, he flaunted some simple yet graceful moves with the two who were also counting numbers for a time task. This fan-made video of the trio dancing their hearts out will surely make your day!

Balaji Murugadoss' Emotional Life Story

The mini-screen audiences were shocked to hear the demigod's tormenting life story which he revealed during a task that required contestants to talk about an emotional yet inspiring story from their lives. Balaji remembered his abusive parents and their ill-treatment towards him. The youngster opened up that his parents were alcoholic and didn't attend any of his parent-teacher meetings at school. He further added that he was highly dedicated and never allowed his past to shatter his dream of becoming one of the finest models of the country.

Balaji's 'Seri Vechukonga' Dialogue For Rio Raj

A couple of weeks back, Balaji was asked to do his house duty by the then captain of the house Archana. The handsome hunk who was evidently not happy with her retorted saying that he will make everyone laboriously once he becomes the captain. Later, Archana's good friend Rio Raj was seen twisting Balaji's statement and questioning him for 'insulting' the housemates. Surprisingly, Balaji didn't pay much attention and only responded to him by saying, "Seri Vechukonga" (Ok so be it) that turned Rio Raj's face blank and left the netizens go LOL!

Balaji And Shivani Narayanan's Proximity

Balaji's growing proximity with Shivani has been highly questioned by the housemates. After getting nominated due to the same reason, he went to Shivani and said that he doesn't have such feelings towards her as being assumed by others and if at all he has, he would certainly open up about it.
Well, his cool dude avatar in the promo garnered huge appreciation from netizens who called Balaji a 'Singham' (Lion) of Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

Bala Against The Vel Group

In one of the weekend episodes, Balaji Murugadoss was seen talking to Kamal Haasan about a group inside the house. He was apparently mentioning Archana, Rio, Nisha, Som, Gabriella and Jithan Ramesh's group also known as Vel group. Well, Balaji alleged that the team was targeting each contestant by nominating them for elimination.

He also added that the group was referring to him as a young boy so as to suppress his voice in the show. Well, Balaji's straightforwardness and fearless avatar indeed garnered huge praise from his innumerable fans and followers, who now expect him to become the title holder of Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

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