BB Tamil 6: Fans Heap Praises On Kathir For His Dance; Lambast Amudhavanan For Putting Him Down


    Controversies after controversies are happening in the sixth season of Tamil Bigg Boss. While the reality show is not new for controversies, this time around, fans are expressing their anger towards housemates who are being dishonest in the show. And everyday, ever since the show was launched in October, the show or his contestants are trending on Twitter. Whether it is for a good reason or not, the show has occupied a permanent place on the headlines.

    Bigg Boss

    On Tuesday, the twitterati heaped praises on a contestant Kathir after he showcased his dancing skills during one of the tasks. In the latest task, contestants were given iconic characters from movies and they were asked to act as the character throughout the day. Whenever a song is played, the particular contestant has to identify and go up to the stage to perform a dance.

    When it was Kathir’s turn, the Tamil son, Nangai Nilavin Thangai song was played and Kathir walkec upto the stage and totally aced the task. His effortless dance moves won the hearts of fans so much so that he instantly started trending as soon as the promo of his dance movies were released by Vijay television.

    A fan shared a video clip of his dance and wrote, “Oh Man This guy is so damn talented. Outstanding performance This is my favourite partttt watching this part on repeat mode. Man what a moves #Kathir #VJKathirravan #BiggBossTamil6.”

    Another fan wrote, “SUPERB performance #Kathir Moves were so of the memorable performance this season! Respective fandoms ' keep your fav's full dance video safe.”

    While the praising of Kathir is happening, fans are also lambasting Amudhavanan for putting down Kathir. Fans who watched the 24/7 live stream of the show on Disney+ Hotstar took to Twitter and criticized Amudhavanan, as he said that he was not impressed with Kathir’s performance.

    A fan wrote, “#Amudhu ku avlo satisfied a illayaam #Kathir performance… steps irundhuchaam.. face la shave panni irukanumaam.. innum moonwalk laam edhir paathaaraam… Note tat he gave 500 for Kathir and 1500 for #Janany performance,” which loosely translates to, “Amushu said he was not satisfied with Kathir’s performance because he did not shave and he expected him to perform moonwalk.”

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