Bigg Boss Tamil 6: ADK, Azeem, And Ram Join Hands To Confront The Aliens Team


    The sixth season of Tamil Bigg Boss has been setting the internet on fire ever since its launch in October. With each passing day, the show is never less than an action-packed thriller movie.

    Also, the tasks announced by the big boss raise the tension further. The way the housemates interpret and play the game often breaks their relationship.

    ADK, Azeem, And Ram Join Hands To Confront The Aliens Team

    A couple of days ago, Big Boss announced an alien tribe task. Accordingly, the housemates split themselves into tribes and aliens. The precious stones created by the tribes would be kept for the benefit of the tribe's community. The stones need a sacred flower that is in the custody of aliens. They will have to steal it without the alien's knowledge.

    The aliens, on the other hand, would have to steal the precious stones under the tribes' possession, and the tribes would have to safeguard them.

    In either case, if the participant gets caught, the captivated housemate will be confined to a chair.

    The opponent team will try to trigger them, break them emotionally, or agitate them until the buzzer goes off.

    "The one who withstands wins the stone or flower," said the Big Boss.

    Accordingly, the alien team and the tribal team clashed yesterday. The entire house broke down and went into chaos as they couldn't handle the pressure. The Bigg Boss then clarified the rules once again to Manikanta and Vikraman, as the game was paused for a while.

    Despite a few glitches, both teams tried to safeguard the stones and flowers.

    While Janani and Ayesha lost on the alien side, Azeem lost with the tribal team.

    Meanwhile, a few clips from the unseen videos were shared on social media. It was revealed that the alien team stole nearly all of the tribal team's stones. This agitated the tribal team. Also, all the members of the cooking team are from the tribal team. They had earlier agreed that none of the alien team would touch their stones until they finished cooking, as they had to leave the stones unguarded.

    Now that the aliens triggered them by stealing their stones, Azeem was frustrated with arguing with them, as none of the team members came for his support. Azeem was later seen crying inside the changing room, saying that no one from the team stood by him. This moved ADK and Ram. They hatched a plan to proceed with the game.

    To recall, ADK and Azeem had a bitter episode of fighting during the Royal Museum task, and it continued until last week.

    It is heartwarming to see them forget the animosity and decided to play the game in a gentlemanly way.

    We'll have to wait till tonight to see the fun-filled events unfold.

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