Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Ayesha Continues To Speak Malayalam Inside The House; Fans Insist Kamal Haasan Interfere


    The sixth season of Tamil Bigg Boss has been receiving a huge buzz around it as fans are talking about it on social media all day long. While some days the show and its contestants are receiving lots of love and support from fans, other days the internet is full of trolls and memes.

    The contestants are bound to follow the rules of the house. One of the major important rules is to converse only in Tamil inside the house.

    But the contestants often break the rule and talk in their convenient language among themselves. Bigg Boss keeps reminding the contestants to talk in Tamil whenever they go overbound.

    Ayesha Continues To Speak Malayalam Inside The House

    In this season, it is Sherina and Ayesha were often criticized for conversing in Malayalam among themselves whenever they feel like gossiping about their fellow contestants. They both have been often condemned by the show's host Kamal Haasan for the same. "Respect the stage and the audience," said Kamal Haasan.

    But they continued to break the rules. Sherina and Ayesha faced severe trolls on social media for the same. Eventually, Sherina was evicted with this as a major reason.

    During the eviction process, Kamal Haasan subtly reiterated that breaking rules will never be forgiven. He showed the eviction card that had Sherina's name written in Malayalam.

    However, Ayesha doesn't seem to care about breaking the rules or about Kamal Haasan's advice. In one of the earlier episodes, Ayesha had replied arrogantly at the show's host saying "I didn't do it. Never portray me in a bad light, Sir!", when Kamal Haasan was interrogating about an argument that broke between Ayesha and her fellow housemates. Her comments didn't go well with the audience.

    Though Ayesha continued to talk in Tamil as there weren't any native Malayalis inside the show, she was found talking in Malayalam recently.

    In one of the latest videos that surfaced on the internet, about yesterday's happenings, Ayesha was seen talking to herself in Malayalam. It seemed that she was talking to herself, about the Courtroom task. Though it is not clear which case she was thinking about.

    Fans began to condemn her act. Some had commented to issue a red card for continuously breaking the Bigg Boss rules by speaking in Malayalam.

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