Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Housemates Accuse Azeem Of Breaking Their Trust In The Task


    The audience feels that, unlike other seasons, this time the Big Boss has been giving tasks every week to test the mental and emotional quotient of the housemates.

    And this week's Tribe-Alien task is taking its toll on the housemates, as could be seen in the live stream. The contestants tried to showcase their best to keep themselves in the loop and stay ahead in creating content, thereby winning hearts.

    Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Housemates Accuse Azeem Of Betrayal

    Their "strategic game" eventually changed the flow of the entire task, as they predicted. One such "game changer" was Azeem. To recall, Azeem is the captain of the house and was part of the tribe gang. He switched roles whenever it was convenient for him, to get things done. This didn't go well with the housemates. They were holding a grudge against him.

    In the meantime, Azeem fainted due to his excessive blood pressure. After his discharge from the sick room, the housemates requested that he sleep in his bed because he was ill, while the other housemates slept in their respective zones. They had also agreed to put the task on hold until the buzzer turned ON, so they could get a good night's sleep.

    Azeem, who allegedly wasn't aware of the agreement, woke up in the middle of the night and seized almost all the flowers from the alien's pond. He hid it inside the smoking zone. The next morning, when the whole house went haywire, Azeem revealed this secret to ADK, who too joined hands with him.

    Also, until late that evening, the housemates remained confused as to who would have stolen it. While no one doubted Azeem as he was sick and had planned to quit the game once and for all, Azeem, on the other hand, was seen investigating the housemates as a captain, acting innocent.

    Later, Azeem disclosed the secret to Amuthavanan, claiming that he was afraid the game would end because there were no flowers to continue the game.

    When the task finally ended, Manikantan pleaded with the housemates to reveal the truth. Much to the shock of the housemates, Azeem informed them that he stole the flowers at night when the whole house was sleeping.

    This didn't go well with the housemates. As we know, almost everyone holds a grudge against him, and this act by Azeem triggered them, and they started accusing him of breaking their trust.

    Even then, Azeem never seemed to accept his mistake. He was seen arguing for fairness.

    We can expect that Azeem will top the nominations list next week and Kamal Haasan will address the issue during the weekend episode.

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