Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Janany's Comments About Rachita Leave Fans Confused


    There are situations when the internet is divided by opinions. One such case happened yesterday over Janany's comments.

    Yesterday, most of the women contestants were seen wearing saris. While Janany was appreciated by Vikraman for looking dignified like a politician, she was blushing and was obviously on cloud nine to have received such positive feedback the first thing in the morning, in front of the whole house.

    Did Janany Pass A Nasty Comment About Rachitha?

    After a while, it was shown that "Myna" Nandhini made a comment to Queency that wearing a saree suits Rachita and only Rachita. Janany, who happened to be in the room, went straight to Dhanalakshmi and was seen discussing the same with her. Janany further alleged that "Myna" Nandhini and Queency have a personal grudge against her for nominating them this week. Dhanalakshmi seemed to accept it.

    While her voice was comparatively low during the conversation, one could hear her partially. She was heard saying, "Does it really look nice?" "Or does it look like it's wrapped around a buffalo?" Dhanalakshmi said instantly that it looks good on both herself and Rachita.
    Fans were perplexed as to whether Janany referred to Rachita as Buffalo or if she was making a remark about herself.

    For the unknown, immediately after her nomination, Janany was seen explaining her reasons to Rachita. Janany had never had an open disagreement with Rachita. She was seen convincing Rachita that she would feel happy to see Rachita voice out her opinions rather than covering them up with a smile, which she feels is fake. Janany was seen talking to her in an apologetic tone.

    Janany's above comment does not appear to be in dignified, if she intended to offend Rachita,

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