Bigg Boss Tamil 6: 'Myna' Nandhini And Manikanta Give Their Piece Of Mind To Queency


    It has been a hot topic over the internet in recent days that Queency has been avoiding doing household chores or is rather lazy to do them. Though the housemates have not confronted her or discussed it openly, it has now become a reason for her getting nominated as the Worst Player of the week.

    To recall, in yesterday's task, Kathiravan had filed a case stating that a few housemates have been leaving used cups and plates all over the place, where ever they had been conversing. And that few don't take the responsibility of cleaning it or rather keeping it near the wash area.

    Myna Nandhini And Manikanta Advice Queency

    During interrogation, Azeem openly blamed Queency as she was the one who leaves the plates and cups without washing them.

    While Queency initially refuted it, during the verdict, she said everyone in the house should make a deliberate effort, to leave the plates and cups near the sink, inclusive of her.

    Now with all these reasons at hand, most housemates nominated Queency as one of the worst performers along with Robert master.

    Meanwhile, a video has surfaced on the internet, in which Queency was seen discussing these with the captain of the house, 'Myna' Nandhini, and Manikanta.

    In the video, Queency says, "I have worked almost on all days." to which Manikanta snubs at her saying, "You do it. But you do it less".

    Queency never accepted it saying," It is not my problem if housemates don't realize the quantum of my work. I do it. Even Ram does the same. But now he realized it after mine blew up as an issue. EOD the work has to be completed. I don't care if these people see me working or not"
    To this, the house captain Nandhini said, " have been lazy, especially this week".

    Queency accepted that she is lazy but she eventually finishes the task. Nandhini and Manikanta laughed sarcastically at Queency and tried to make her understand that household chores have to be finished on time and there is no point in procrastination.

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