Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Rachitha's Husband Dinesh Praises Her For Winning Hearts With Her Dignified Game


    While some claim that the current Bigg Boss season is boring due to unnecessary fights and cynical behaviour among the housemates, resulting in a boisterous environment, others believe that the show is entertaining with the above factors.

    However, there seemed to be one or two contestants who chose to stay away from all the commotion. Among them, Rachitha is considered one of the players who choose to play the game in a dignified manner. Even while her approach to the game was condemned by housemates as well as the audience, she still remained quiet.

    Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Rachithas Husband Dinesh Praises Her

    Rachitha made headlines when she linked up with Robert Masters. Robert Masters was seen stalking her throughout his stay in the house.

    Meanwhile, Rachitha's estranged husband, Dinesh, condemned Robert for his behavior. Though Rachitha and Dinesh are not on speaking terms, Dinesh often takes to his social media handle to show his support for Rachitha.

    In the meantime, Rachitha received criticism from the audience for not putting in her full effort during the weekly tasks and for taking a back seat during arguments. The show's host, Kamal Haasan, also advised her to open up in order to stay in the game.

    Rachitha had been feeling down ever since Robert was eliminated. Concurrently, the open nomination happened yesterday. It was seen that Rachitha received the highest number of nominations in the house.

    However, it is clear that she never backbited anyone about this.She, however, stayed quiet. Shivin, a close friend, hugged her and encouraged her to stay strong.

    Apparently, Janani, whom Rachitha considered a good friend, also made a negative comment about her. Though it was alleged that Janany made the adverse comment towards Rachitha, it was not clear if it was intentional.

    Her industry colleague and allegedly close friend for years, "Myna" Nandhini, was also seen backbiting Rachitha and nominating her.

    Following all these events, Rachitha's husband, Dinesh, posted a picture as a status on his Instagram account. The words said, "Just keep winning more hearts." You just passed backbiters, unfaithful friends, unwanted stories, and Trojan horses, and ultimately were gifted with audience feedback. Everyone is looking forward to seeing your game.Just keep going. #stand_for_Rachitha #my_vote_for_Rachitha"

    We will have to wait and watch to see if Rachitha will bounce back as expected by her husband and her fans.

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