Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Ram Wants To Stay Inside The House Until The Family Week; Will He?

Vijay Television has been seeing huge success in the form of the reality show, Bigg Boss. And now, the show's sixth season is being aired and we are in the seventh week. Starting with 21 housemates in October, the show has been seeing eliminations week after week. While the show, as such is quite popular, its popularity is further enhanced by fans' interactions with the show on social media. The show has seen several evictions so far. While GP Muthu opted out of the show voluntarily, other contestants including Shanthi, Asal Kolar, Sherina, and Maheshwari were evicted from the house in the following weeks. And it is predicted that Robert will be the next contestant to be eliminated from the house in the upcoming weekend.

Ram Wants To Stay Inside The House Until The Family Week

Social media on the other hand has been divided into various fan armies. Nevertheless, most of them accept there are a few non-engaging contestants in the present show. They are branded as non-Bigg Boss materials as they don't create a connection with the viewers.

A few to name would be Ram, Queency, and VJ Kathiravan. We don't see much of their part in the hourly episode every day nor do they engage in something interesting throughout the day.

While VJ Kathiravan tried to repair his image through his performance in the royal museum task and the luxury budget task, Queency on the other hand was severely condemned for her being a couch potato.

Meanwhile, Ram who is close with ADK and Vikraman also has a laid-back approach toward the show.
In one of the unseen video trending on social media, Ram is seen talking to Azeem in the kitchen area. It looks late at night when the entire house is sleeping and these two engage in some friendly chat.

During the chat, Ram says," The upcoming 3,4 weeks are very crucial. I am going to give my fullest to sustain those weeks"
To this Azeem replies, "You will eventually. Don't worry".
Ram replied, "I want to stay at least until the family week. It is more important". And Azeem acknowledges the same.
Will Ram sustain the game will then? We'll have to wait and watch.


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