Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Robert Reveals The Secret Behind The Abbreviation Of 'RAJQ'


    The sixth season of Tamil Bigg Boss had been receiving mixed responses since its launch. The show, which was launched on Vijay TV in October with 21 contestants on board, saw eliminations every week. It is currently in its eighth week and is steadily gaining viewership.

    The much-anticipated contestant, GP Muthu, opted out of the show voluntarily. Following this, other contestants, including Shanthi, Asal Kolar, Sherina, Maheshwari, and recently Robert Master, were evicted from the house each weekend for receiving the least votes.

    Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Secret Behind The Abbreviation Of RAJQ

    Robert Master entered the house with much expectation. He entered the industry as a child artist. Robert Master is known for his vibrant moves, and he eventually became the most sought-after choreographer. Robert Master initially played his game with full enthusiasm. He eventually adopted a more relaxed attitude toward the tasks.

    Robert Master was also criticized for building a father-daughter relationship with Queency and thereby influencing the game. The housemates also pointed it out during his final nomination.

    But Robert's reaction to those remarks was unwavering. In fact, he was seen writing Queency's initials in his hands.

    The tattoo read "RAJ," and with Queency's name included, it formed "RAJQ."
    Fans ridiculed Robert for taking this extreme step to show his affection towards Queency.

    Meanwhile, Robert's family had sent him a hoodie printed with "RAJQ" on it, leaving the fans scratching their heads about the acronym.

    Few concluded that it is "Rachitha, Amuthavanan, Janany, and Queency" that Robert has tattooed on his hand.

    Now finally, Robert masterfully decodes the abbreviation.

    In one of his recent interviews with Indiaglitz, Robert elaborated on the reason behind his tattoo.
    He said, "I had already tattooed "RAJ" in my hand. It reads R-Robert, that is me; A-Anthony, my father; and J-my girlfriend. Now I have added Q to it for Queency. It was my girlfriend who sent that hoodie after seeing me adding 'Q' to my already existing tattoo, 'RAJ'. I am happy to see that she accepted our relationship".

    In the same interview, he said, "Azeem and Dhanalakshmi must have learned the tactics of survival by watching previous seasons." "They are adamant that the only way to steal the spotlight is to pick fights frequently. It is very blatant. I don't think anyone else behaves so badly inside the house."

    The show airs on Vijay Television and is available on the OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar. A 24/7 live broadcast is also available on the OTT platform for fans to watch the proceedings whenever they want. Stay tuned with us to get more exciting updates about the reality show.

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