Bigg Boss Tamil 6: The Top Five Contestants With The Most Fans, Even After 50 Days Of The Show.


    The sixth season of Tamil Bigg Boss has been setting the internet on fire ever since its launch in October. Fans have been expressing their anger, disappointment, expectation, and anticipation about the show on Twitter in an engaging manner. These conversations happen frequently and actively, so much so that fans are trending the show or the contestants almost every day on Twitter.

    The show started with 21 contestants. For the first time, the general public was also welcomed to participate in the show, and they were chosen through auditions.

    Accordingly, GP Muthu, Azeem, Robert master, Ayesha, Sheriin, Manikandan, Rachitha, Ram, ADK, Janany, Shanthi master, Maheshwari, VJ Kathiravan, Queency, Nivaashiyni, Dhanalakshmi, Shivin, Vikraman, Amuthavanan, "Myna" Nandhini, and Asal Kolar were chosen as the contestants

    Bigg Boss Tamil 6: List Of The Top 5 Contestants

    After several nominations and evictions, the house has 14 contestants now. While the show's host announced that the show has completed 50 days since launch,
    In this regard, let us look at the list of contestants who have the highest fan base based on their performances in the show on social media. Though we don't go by the numbers, this is just a speculative list.

    • Vikraman: Vikraman is considered one of the strongest players in the house. His fans claim he is calm and righteous. They compare him with former Big Brother contestant Aari, who too received similar remarks from the fans. A few contestants also opined the same after their eviction.

    • Shivin: Shivin was a general public participant who became known to the Tamil audience only after participating in the show. She does, however, see an increase in her followers as a result of her sporty and active performances in the tasks. Few media outlets predict that she has a good chance of winning the show's title.

    • Azeem: Even though Azeem has been ridiculed for his short temper and choice of words, he is always considered an individual player. Fans of Azeem celebrate him for taking initiative in all the tasks. He has enjoyed fandom since his serial days.

    • Dhanalakshmi: This TikTok celebrity had a decent fan base, which increased exponentially after her bold talks inside the house. She dares to confront everyone in the house and gives her full commitment to the tasks and chores.

    • VJ Kathiravan: He enjoys a huge girl following since his compeering days. Moreover he is also appreciated for his decent and dignified gameplay, unlike his fellow contestants. Though he is often condemned for his cringe behaviour with Queency and Shivin, that doesn't seem to affect his fans.

    Though it is not certain who from this list might reach the finals as we cannot predict their course of action in the game in the future, however, we can assure you that one of these will make the finals.

    The sixth season of Bigg Boss is being aired on Vijay Television from Monday to Friday between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., while on weekends, the show starts at 9:30 p.m. and goes on until 11:00 p.m. The reality show is also available on Disney+ Hotstar, an OTT platform.

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