Nivetha Pethuraj Interview Throwback: No, I'm Not Nivetha Pethuraj

    Nivetha Pethuraj

    Happy Birthday Nivetha Pethuraj!

    Nivetha is one of the most underrated actors of the day. She has a clear idea of what acting is, and is keen on upping her game consistently. If you have followed her interviews you would have noticed how mature she sounds and how sensible her self-expression is. She can dub for herself both in Telugu and Tamil. She is a disciplined and committed actor. She deserves to be much higher on the ladder of stardom than she is now.

    In one of her interviews, she mentioned how she never approaches anyone for a film opportunity. She said her manager and her have made a pact that they would never seek out opportunities but would rather respond to the ones that come their way. Nivetha probably feels that a character that is written well and written for her would find its way to her if it's meant to be.

    Nivetha also has a good taste in web series. She shares what she is watching on her Twitter handle regularly and she recently finished watching Breaking Bad. While Breaking was quite mainstream, I was surprised she also liked Schitt's Creek - so much that she recently started rewatching it.

    The actor speaks with such timing and a humour sense that it's difficult not to get a crush on her as she speaks. She shared a funny bit about herself where she said that she doesn't have a display picture on her whatsapp because it's easier for her to say she's not Nivetha Pethuraj when she doesn't want to answer the person.

    Nivetha shared how she sometimes when in the right mood, interacts with people and takes photos and stuff... but when she is not in the right frame of mind, and someone asks her if she is Nivetha Pethuraj, she denies that and walks away. It sounded funnier and cuter when she said it. You should probably check out the interview if you want to hear it from her.


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