Viduthalai Stuntman Suresh's Death At Shooting Spot: People Question Kollywood Regarding Safety Precautions


    This is not the first time an accident has occurred at a movie shooting spot. Many examples can be given starting from Chandralekha to Devadas.

    Earlier this year, a similar incident happened at Indian 2 movie shooting spot. Accidents like this are not new in director Shankar films. Already in the movie Anniyan, there was a mistake when people were tied to trucks and pulled up for a fight scene in a karate school, so some fighters fell down and some of them suffered severe spinal injuries. It has been reported that they are still unable to walk. All these are unexaggerated news. There is even a documentary about this.


    Now it happened again in the shooting spot of director Vetrimaaran, who is a well-established socially conscious film-maker. Safety precautions are more important when production houses are ready to spend crores of rupees for a film. This is the only way to prevent another accident like this.


    No one gives insurance to those who are registered in stunt union. The government should also mandate safety precautions strictly in such movie shooting spots.


    Director Vetimaaran made his directorial debut in Tamil cinema through the film Polladhavan starring Dhanush. While this film was critically and financially well received, Vetrimaaran directed Aadukalam with Dhanush again. The film won several awards including National Awards. After that, he made the film Visaranai. In this film, he has told in flesh and blood how common people are oppressed by the police for a crime they did not commit. After that, Vetrimaaran gave successive hits like Vada Chennai and Asuran.


    Now he is directing Viduthalai with Soori, Vijay Sethupathi, Prakash Raj and many popular actors playing important characters. While the shooting of the film has been going on for a long time, the crew has been working hard to complete the shoot quickly.

    Elred Kumar

    In this situation, the shooting of Viduthalai took place near Vandalur, Chennai. During the filming of the fight scene, the rope got cut and the fight coach Suresh fell down. After this, the crew admitted him to a private hospital in Kelambakkam. There the doctors treated Suresh intensively. But Suresh died unfortunately.

    RS infotainment

    This accident created strong debates about the safety precautions in the film industry. Netizens started saying high-profile directors like Shankar and Vetrimaaran should concentrate more on the life of their film crew. In this situation, a statement has been released on behalf of the film crew to condole him.

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