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      Vikram Completes 100 Days At The Theatres, Kamal Haasan Tweets


      Kamal Haasan has tweeted today (September 9) about Vikram's successful completion of 100 days at the theaters, and shared a couple of pictures as well. The film has broken multiple records and has been the biggest success of 2022, for the Tamil industry.

      Vikram 100 days

      Lokesh Kanagaraj has become a household name after the success of Vikram. The film had insane hype before its release and it met all the hype and was a satisfying watch. Vikram did have flaws but the positives of the film swept us all off our feet and the film went on to become a massive success.

      Lokesh said in an interview after the film's release that he initially had a different story in mind and the plot was narrated to Kamal Haasan. After the narration, Lokesh apparently asked Kamal if he had something in mind that they could work on, Kamal had recollected some ideas that he had considered in his past.

      Kamal mentioned that when he was discussing the story of 1986 film Vikram, with writer Sujatha, and the director Raja Sekar, Kamal had suggested a story about a ghost agent, about whom nobody knows anything. A special agent with multiple identities and who beats death time and again, was the core of that idea. However, the director felt that it might be too western for the audience, and went with something else.

      This spark had excited Lokesh and he immediately requested some time to develop this and integrate into his universe. Lokesh had said in multiple interviews that working on Vikram felt like being a kid lost in a theme park.

      Speaking of Kamal's characterization, Lokesh said that he had a metaphor in mind for the character. He said that he had read somewhere about lions that are picked for circus. He explained how the circus staff select alpha lions that dominate their pack, and how they train the lions to treat audience cheering for them, as hunting down their prey.

      vikram 100 days

      When one of these lions gets old, the lion would be left in the forest again, but it would have lost its hunting skills. Other small animals might sense that its not at its best, and might try approaching, but one look from the lion will keep them away. Its look would convey that it might not be its old self, but it will still tear them apart. Lokesh's face glowed as he said that the part about the lion looking at its threats in the end stuck with him, and he had written Kamal's character along those lines.

      Vikram, although an action film, spent quite some time with its investigation angle, and character analysis, which was refreshing to witness on screen. Fahadh Faasil had done a great job as Amar, and he kept us invested in the case. The writing was engaging and that's probably why we didn't mind certain suspenseful build-ups being a bit too obvious. The interval reveal, for instance, was quite satisfying despite us knowing that it would inevitably happen.

      Lokesh had almost gotten us to forget that Suriya was playing a cameo in the film, and when he appeared on screen it was a fun moment, and hearts were definitely racing at the theatres. The post-climax sequence with Suriya's cameo had left us all at an all time high.

      Lokesh is all set to direct Thalapathy Vijay for after Vijay is done with his Varisu. Lokesh has refused to comment on that project, and has mentioned multiple times that he wants the official announcements to drop from the production team. Unofficial news however has been dropping consistently. The question of whether #Thalapathy67 will be a part of his cinematic universe, is still a big if.

      Karthi in an inteview has recently mentioned that Lokesh has started writing Kaithi 2. The producer SR Prabhu had confirmed that Kaithi 2 will soon begin production. We can assume that Kaithi 2 would begin after #Thalapath67. Whether we will witness Rolex and Dilli on screen together in Kaithi 2 will be known probably in 2024.

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