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    <i>Sivappathigaram</i> Review

    By Staff

    Courtesy: Galatta

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    Professor Ilango (Raghuvaran) and his daughter Charulatha (Mamtha) move to their native village. The professor has retired and wants to spend a peaceful rest of his life in the clean and green environs of his ancestral home. He is welcomed, but also asked what he plans to do for the rest of his life now that he has retired. He tells them he wants to tour village after village and compile the beautiful, earthy folk songs of each region and showcase them. The villagers are touched and admiring and ask him if he wants help, perhaps an assistant - Ilango refuses, saying that he has already asked a young boy to come and assist him......

    Sathyamurthy (Vishal) is a young man who joins Ilango and Charulatha and lives with them, as he helps Ilango in his musical works. The 3 of them form a thick bond and live happily in a beautiful, old house surrounded by green fields and lovely breezes. Vellachamy (Kanja Karuppu) is a local who works for them as their manservant. Lighthearted and full of simple, village-born joie-de-vivre, Vellachamy is also instrumental in bringing happiness into their lives with his comic relief and patient loyalty.

    Meanwhile, the State Election Commission announces the next elections and the compilation of candidate nominations from each region. Ilango and Sathya watch this news on T.V. with much interest and silent looks exchange between them.

    Cut to scene - they are seen discussing something in silent earnest......

    In a busy area at a nomination booth, a candidate comes to file his nomination for the elections.....only to be stabbed and killed by Sathya!

    Suddenly, 2 other such murders happen in different towns, leaving the ruling party (whose candidates are being decimated all of a sudden) and the police puzzled and frantic. Many other candidates withdraw their nominations for fear of losing their lives, in this spate of events. The Election Commission postpones the elections.....

    In these turbulent times, the ruling party puts pressure on the police to investigate and solve these murders quickly and Ravindran (Upendra Limaye) is assigned to head this task. He finally solves the mystery and confronts Ilango. He wants to know why these strange crimes were committed. Isn't Ilango ashamed that an educated and respectable person like he would plan such murders? How could he and a seemingly responsible Sathya ruin so many lives and stop the entire elections?

    Ilango retorts that it is the victims and their allies who should be ashamed of having led such lives, committed such atrocities, as to have forced Ilango and Sathya to kill them!

    It's time for a look into the past......

    Ilango is a professor at a college where Sathyamurthy is also studying. Sathya is the son of a peon in the college (played by Manivannan) and life is full of laughter and fun. Sathya is also a good, responsible student and is always looking for ways to learn and not just study, in his education.

    It's State Elections time...

    Professor Ilango talks to the students of his department, Sathya included, on how no one has covered, from the people's perspective and with an honest and objective outlook, the trials and tribulations of people during elections. No local mass body has ever reported in all truth, the goings-on during an election and suggests that the students take up these elections and their processes as a survey/ project subject.

    The students are very impressed and motivated and upon the professor's suggestion, watch and report on a batch of elections being held at Madurai.

    While the elections are still going on, the students report very candidly about the state of affairs during the time, which party seems to be the people's favourite and much more.... and hands in a much publicized report (subsequently shown on different media) about how the opposition party seems to be winning in that area. This affects the popularity of the ruling party and in that region, their candidate loses.

    The ruling party is furious and wants to investigate into what happened.

    Here, Shanmugaraja (Shanmugarajan) is the politican who pivots the lives of many into a completely different direction.

    When a probe reveals that the students' report caused many votes to turn against them, Shanmugaraja plans to take revenge on the college and make a fearsome mark, by sending the police on a raid to the institution, on some bogus charge of drugs being available freely in the college.


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