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    Anjathey - Review

    By By: Settu Shankar

    Wow… What a splendid visual treat from young director Myshkin!

    Anjathey is truly one of the master pieces of Tamil cinema in recent years. We have seen many police stories on screen, in the past. But Anjathey is certainly not the usual one. The fine treatment and classic style of making by Myshkin made the film as a superior quality entertainment. The film avoids cliches and usual stereotypes as it makes its journey from opening credits to the end.

    The story opens in a typical police housing colony, where Satyavan alias Sathya (Narain) and Kripa Shankar (Ajmal Ameer) both sons of police head constables (MS Bhaskar and Livingston) are childhood friends. Though they are close friends for years, they are totally different in their attitude towards life. Satyavan is an aimless, irresponsible and happy go lucky youngster, who always spends

    time drinking with friends and getting into petty fights. He also hates to become a policeman like his father. Kripa on the other hand is ambitious, gentle in nature and has a big dream to join the police as a sub inspector.

    One day Satya is badly humiliated by his father for spoiling a festival day in the colony, when he gets into a fight with Daya (Prasanna) a notorious psychopath guy, who is running a kidnapping racket with a mechanic Logu (Pandirajan). After this incident, Satya decides to join the force by using the influence of his uncle, a personal assistant of a powerful minister. Both, the well versed Kripa and irresponsible Satya appear the police Sub-Inspectors (SI) examination on a same day, but using his influence Satya is selected while Kripa fails. On the next day itself Kripa drifts away from his best friend and turns out to be his most bitter foe.

    Meanwhile after joining the force, Satya slowly transforms his character as a good police and becomes more human, righteous and duty conscious in his career. He wins the accolades from his higher authorities for his sincere and brave efforts in saving the life of a poor fish seller. After knowing all these good aspects of Sathya, slowly Uttara starts admiring him, which irk Kripa. At the same time, Daya, the cunning psychopath holds the police force to ransom as he kidnaps young girls from rich families for money and also rapes them so that they will remain silent.

    The police top brass set up an encounter cell under a cop (Ponvannan) to hunt down the kidnappers, and Satya is also drafted into the team. Daya, who is now on the run, recruits Kripa knowing that he is on a revenge romp, whose only aim is to see the fall of his friend.

    Now the final game starts between these three powerful characters, which leads to a fantastic climax in a sugarcane field near the border of Andhra.

    No doubt, the story and casting of Anjathey are very new to Tamil Cinema. Especially, the perfect casting is the biggest strength of the film. Narain and Prasanna play their roles with ease and perfect.

    In many scenes, Narain simply steals the viewer's heart, particularly in a scene, where he shows his wrath against his higher official. He is an excellent show of the transformation of a young rowdy into a responsible police officer. From the first frame to the last, his performance will remain in every viewer's hearts to remember the actor.

    It is doubtful that any other growing actor like Prasanna is even ready to think about this kind of negative roles at the earlier stage of their career. Prasanna has done the role with a passion and every one should encourage the actor to do more different roles in future.

    Myshkin introduces new guys like a one- armed 'Kuruvi' (played by a former stuntman Bomb Ramesh, who lost an arm while shooting an explosion scene for a film) a go-between Satya and Kripa, is terrific.

    Ajmal makes a promising debut; he is clearly an actor to look out for.

    Is it Pandirajan? Unbelievable! The director is using this talented actor in proper manner. Without his moustache as the humorous accomplice of Daya is a scream and provides some funny moments.

    The girl next door Vijayalakshmi plays as Uttara, who initially hates Sathya, but later slowly fall in love after realized his noble heart. Ponvannan, M.S Bhaskar and Livingstone are all aptly cast in supporting roles.

    The film is far superior to any other recently released films in technical aspects too. Particularly, Mahesh Muthuswamy's camera work with using a lot of top angle crane shots and low angle close ups tell many stories to the viewers. The climax scene, which is shot in a sugarcane field is really a visual feast. Sunder C Babu's music is peppy especially the Kuthu song Kathazha is foot taping number.

    The content of Director Myshkin is very realistic and believable. His stylish making and controlled script binds everyone with their seats. Thanks to Myshkin for not showing excessive blood or notorious rapes and other cruel actions though the story travels all these said possibilities.

    There are few loopholes in the script, but that too tolerable. And the film is little bit too lengthy (3hrs 15 mins!), but it seems that the director takes that much of time to establish his characters and script. So it is not a big issue and overall the film is sensible and enjoyable.

    We always criticize filmmakers for not giving films with the right blend of classic-commercial elements but fails to appreciate when they give such films. Anjathey is surely a film in that genre. We must appreciate Myshkin for giving Anjathey as a fantastic entertainment!

    Verdict- Excellent!
    Cast: Narain, Prasanna, Pandiyaraajan, Ajmal, Ponvannan, Vijayalakshmi, M.S.Baskar, Livingston
    Music: Sundar C Babu
    Camera: Mahesh Muthusamy
    Producer: Hithesh Jabak
    Written and Directed: Myshkin

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