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Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan - Review

By: By: Settu Shankar
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It is really a shocking and boring experience to every fan of Vadivelu who loves the actor for his non-stop comedy. After watched the film it seems like every one laugh on us! The much publicized and expected film is not only fails to make you laugh, and also becomes a big test for your patience for nearly 3 long hours. For the first time the actor fails to recreate the mass even in a single scene!

The story is nothing but the entry of a common man Azhagappan (Vadivelu) to the celestial world of Yama and Indhiran (also plays by Vadivelu) with the help of Rambha (Yamini) who marries Azhagappan accidentally. If the director and actor tried some different treatment to the same one line, it will become a different comedy fair of the year. But poor script and boring dialogues forced the viewers to curse both the director and actor at the end. Some of the fans leave the theater even before the interval.

Azhagappan (Vadivelu-1) runs his own drama troupe with his set of friends (wasting the experienced Thiyagu, Manobala, Alwa Vasu in these roles) and lives with his loving mom (Sumitra). One day celestial beauties- Urvasi, Rambha and Thilothama, visit earth, Rambha loses her way (!!) and become a statue just because of the curse of Indiran (Vadivelu-2). On a fine day Azhagappan garlands the statue due to a compulsion of his mother to remove his bigamy Dhosham in the horoscope. Immediately the statue of Rambha regains live and later takes him to Indiralokam (heaven). Azhagappan is shocked and distressed to find the conditions prevailing in Yamalokam (hell), just placed near Indiralogam and does his best to redeem it from the villain Yaman (Vadivelu-3)!

Oh, God.... Even an illiterate could know who the Lord Yama and his duty (He is the God who always doing justice to balance the world as say in Hindu Puranaas). But Thambi Ramaiya, the poor director tries to establish the God who is responsible for birth and death as a cruel villain! In INA, Yama drinks illicit arrack bring by Azhagappan, beaten by his men Chitraguptan and others, Indiran the God take care of Heaven is always trying to strip beautiful girls… Oh, no doubt, the film is really a mad creation.

Mad can be entertaining if it is done intelligently, like what Goundamani - Senthil done in Lucky Man (appears as Yaman-Chitraguptan) or Rajini-VKR-Vinu-Cho combo in Adhisaya Piravi.

But the problem with this film is that it hardly raises any laugh and the script is so weak. Sadly you have no words of praise for Vadivel who can't rise above the flawed script. He hams it up, is loud, overacts and over-the-top style of delivering dialogues especially in the scenes in hell as Yama. In fact this character recreates the hell to viewers in the hall!

After watching the film, it feels like you've been trapped in there for what seems like a lifetime. None of the songs are shot spectacularly, the sets looks artificial (one could see the satin cloths and waste pieces in the floor which used for the sets in many frames!) and Shriya's much hyped item number is totally unfit in the script (She is coming as a black magician Kodangi Pidary Aatha to cure Vadivelu through her unimpressive item number!).

On the whole, the amateurish, inconvincible and dry narration of the story makes everyone to feel the hell in the earth!

Verdict: Big disappointment!
Producer: Manickam Narayanan
Direction: J.Thambi Ramaiya
Cast: Vadivelu, Yamini Sharma, Nasser, Sumithra
Music: Sabesh : Murali
Camera: Gopinath
Art Director: Thotta Tharani

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