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Sila Nerangalil - Review

By: By : Settu Shankar
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Sila Nerangalil is the first Tamil film of veteran film maker and five time National award winner Jayaraj, who is known for his People sequels here. Though the film starts with a difference but ends up as the reincarnation film etched out from Manichitrathazhu and Om Shanti Om!

The story of the film is a murder mystery against the backdrop of a reincarnation theme. A young girl suffering from Amnesia is rescued and brought to a Christian missionary home in a hill station Udayagiri. She is being treated by Joe (Vincent Ashokan), an alternative naturopathy healer and slowly tries to find out her past. He gives advertisements in newspapers about her and later Raguvaran, a renowned psychiatrist and hypnotist enters the scene to cure the girl and finds out her past. Once Anjali hypnotized, she speaks out about her 'past'! She is Thamarai in her previous birth and got married to a

royal man Chidambaram (Vincent Asokan), who deeply loves her till he suspects her of having an affair with his best friend Madhavan (Vineeth), a noted playback singer of the 60's, and murders her with a scissor. The hypnotist also discovers that Chidambaram, who is hanged for a crime he has not committed has also taken rebirth as Joe!

After knowing this fact, now Anjali is afraid of Joe and the doctor starts counselling Joe through the same technique. Joe, in his travel to his previous birth, finds that Chidambaram is not responsible for the murder. Both Anjali and doctor are not ready to accept his words and they suspect that he would repeat the effort in this birth as well! But the climax reveals a different truth which makes the film worth to watch.

The story is simple that a murder takes place in the 60's in one birth, but is solved only in the second birth, which is simply inspired from Om Shanthi Om, Chandramukhi and other films on reincarnation.

There are few minus points, which caused for a lag in the film in the opening scenes. Navya's character is not developed well. The happenings revealed in hypnotic sleeps are not convincing.

Vincent Ashokan has promoted as a hero from his negative image that justifies his promotion in most of the scenes. His looks and reactions are simply superb. Particularly he steals the show in the character of Chidambaram in the second part of the film. Navya Nair has played well as an amnesia patient and she looks beautiful in the second part with the typical costume of 60's. Raguvaran is good in some scenes with a changed modulation. Vineeth demonstrates his dancing skills well in Kunguma song.

Rajavel's camera and Srikar Prasad's editing works give a different colour to the film. Srikanth Deva's music is the real treat in the movie. Though it looks like a copy of some old hits like JP Chandrababu's Kunguma Poove, the young music director revives the magic of oldies again in his own style. The realistic lyrics of Vairamuthu with yesteryear singer P Susheela's Pottu Vaitha, being the pick of the lot. Well done!

Of the whole the director makes the film as enjoyable episode.

Cast: Vincent Ashokan, Navya Nair, Reghuvaran, Vineeth
Music: Srikanth Deva
Camera: Rajavelu
Direction: Jayaraj
Producer: Ram New Light Productions Ltd.

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