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    Vellithirai - Review

    By By: Settu Shankar

    The stories on the in-fights or the ego clashes of cinema makers is not new to Tamil viewers. We are experienced with stories that revolve around some hard working but unsuccessful filmmakers right from the days of Sarvar Sundaram. That is why Prakash Raj's remake of Malayalam hit Udhayananu Tharam hasn't make any impact.

    First, an artist or filmmakers like Prakash Raj must realize the fact that cinema is a mass media which is loved by everyone just because it creates fun for the people. Every art should be made for and to keep the people happy. If the public disagree with or neglect an art, definitely there is some thing wrong in its making or at least in its marketing technique.

    Right from the first scene Prithviraj and Prakash Raj argue about good cinema. It's difficult to understand the parameter they are using to measure a good cinema! And regarding Udhyananu Tharam, the original of Vellithirai may be a fresh attempt for its Malayalam viewers. But we had seen many classics like Kallukkul Eeram or Thavani Kanavugal which speak more on cinema earlier. So there is nothing new in Vellithirai.

    Here goes the story-

    The film depicts the struggles of a script writer aspiring to make it big but is thwarted in his attempts by a cunning friend who steals his script to become a superstar!

    Saravanan ( Pritviraj) is a struggling scriptwriter and has been an assistant to big directors in the industry. He is honest, hard-working, disciplined and a do-gooder to friends and struggling junior artistes. Looking for a good chance to expose his talents, he completes a script for his maiden film which he considers as the best launch pad.

    Kannaiya (Prakashraj), a middle aged friend of Saravanan always looking for a chance to play hero requests him to provide a place to stay for a while as he was thrown out by his house owner due to non payment of rent. After knowing that Saravanan is going to direct his debut film, he requests to cast him as the hero of the movie. But Saravanan refused with some hard words.

    One day, frustrated Kannayya steals Saravanan's script, makes a photo copy and registers it in his name and approaches a leading producer (Sarath Babu). The producer takes him to a top director (Pratap Pothen). Initially they plead with him to cast a saleable hero, but Kannayya insists that if his script has to be used, he has to be the hero. So they reluctantly make him the hero of the film. Kannayya immediately changes his name to Dilipkanth and become a self superstar. Later, Saravanan comes to know about the treachery of Kannaiya, but he just wants to forget the episode.

    As expected, Dilipkanth's first film becomes a super hit and subsequently the middle aged hero starts doing all the nonsense to get a larger-than-life image.

    Meanwhile, leading actress Maithili (Gopika) falls in love with Saravanan. The actress' greedy brother tortures them but they got married. Now, Saravanan is forced to fight against poverty along with his beautiful wife. His ego does not allow him to get a director or hero by using the name of his beautiful actress wife. A peeved Saravanan now takes up a job as a taxi driver which is humiliating to Maithili who walks out on him.

    The same producer who gave Dilipkanth his first break and made him a star now offer Saravanan a chance to direct a film but on a condition that he ropes in with Dilipkanth in the lead.

    After the advice of the producer, Saravanan realises that there is no permanent friend or foe in the industry, he compromises and pays a courtesy visit to the actor. But the evil and petty minded Dilipkanth decides to make life miserable for Saravanan during the making of the film and in the end walks out without doing the climax scene!

    How Saravanan manages the situation and releases his film makes an interesting climax.

    Prakash Raj is the hero and in many scenes he proves his dominance and excellence in handling the role. Prithviraj underplays his character as an upcoming film director.

    Gopika is not fit for the role. In few scenes, her looks are dark and bad. In the remaining scenes, she is in Saroja Devi style with poor costumes.

    M.S Bhaskar, Sathyan, Charlie, Lakshmi Rai, Pratap Pothen and Sampat Raj are all fine in the supporting cast.

    The music of G.V Prakash doesn't promote the film at any stage. It is a surprise why people always encourage him, as he always come up with immature tunes with improper orchestration. Camera of M.V. Paneerselvam and K.V Guhan are eye catching. As a dialogue writer Viji is OK, but as a director he has to learn more from the veterans whom he criticized in this film to make a mass entertainer.

    Verdict: Average

    Cast: Prakash Raj, Prithviraj, Gopika, Sarath Babu, Prathap Pothen, Lakshmi Rai

    Music: G.V.Prakash Kumar

    Camera: M.V.Panneer Selvam- K.V.Guhan

    Written and Directed by: Viji

    Producer: Prakash Raj, Mosebaer and Mirchi Movies

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