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Renigunta- Review

By: By: Gayathry V Pillai
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Renigunta is a film full of new faces including the director, cast and crew. Paneerselvam, the director of the film has attempted on a different story. The movie faced a lot of problems before its release. It was put aside due to its over violent scenes. Later the movie happened to come out into light with an A certificate.

It is known that the story has bloodshed, gore and violence almost all through. Teenage boys turning hardcore criminals and contract killers is no ordinary thing and the need to halt it seems to be the mission behind the movie. It share the message that criminals are created and not born.

The story is about a young boy Sakthi (Johnny), who leads a happy life with his parents. One day his parents are murdered by Kathir, an anti-social and Johnny is forced to go to prison, where he is tortured. He comes across four criminals in the prison - Pandu aka Pandurangan (Nishanth), Dabba aka Prem Kumar (Theepetti Ganeshan), Mari (Thamizh) and Michael (Sandeep). They feel sympathy for Sakthi, who seeks solace in their company. These hardcore criminals break loose from the prison and provoke Johnny to take revenge on his parent's killers. They decide to go to Mumbai where they plan to become big gangsters. But fate led them to another way. They reach Renigunta where they come across Bunker (Bunker), who is a mediator between contract killers and clients.
At Renigunta, the boys gets introduced to Sardar (an influential don) through Bunker. After a successful murder in the town, Sardar takes these boys with him. Meanwhile, Sakthi comes across a dumb girl (Sanusha) in the neighbourhood. After a few encounters, romance blossoms between them. But the girl's brother plans to push her to flesh trade. Taking pity on Sakthi, his friends decides to help them elope after murdering Sardar.

But all plans somersault when they execute the murder plan. Sakthi loses a couple of friends in front of his eyes. An angry Sakthi asks for Sardar's help. But Sardar elopes from the place. Sakthi eventually teaches him a lesson by bumping him off. What happens to him next? Will he be able to save the girl from her brother?? Will their love bloom? All these answers the climax. Film is said to be an action movie with lots of violence.

Although cast are new faces, all have done well on screen. Cinematographer should be given an applause for his taking of action scenes that look real. The film has repetition of scenes. No colors in the film. An image of darkness is felt. But still a new approach by the director.

Movie: Reniguta
Cast: Johnny, Sanusha, Nishanth, Sandeep
Director: Paneerselvam

Music: Ganesh Ragavedran

Producer: Mahendra Kumar Jain

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