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      Mathiyosi - Review

      By By: Settu Shankar

      Mathiyosi is yet another proof to prove how Kollywood young directors spoiling Tamil cinema without any proper script and planning. Most of them are simply trying to copy or remake the seasonal hits like Subramaniapuram, Renigunta with overdose of masala and spoil the entire film.

      No doubt, Mathiyosi is one such worst films in recent days we have seen!

      Here is the (usual) story of Mathiyosi...

      The film opens in a village near Madurai where four young rough youngsters Pandi (Harish), Manga(Alex), Onaan (Gopal) and Mari (Lokesh) from the lower caste bond together. Soon they rub the upper caste village panchyat president and his family in a wrong way which results in a caste feud. The local police chief who tries to trap them is humiliated and fearing his wrath the boys escape to Chennai in a lorry.

      In Chennai they are forced to take the mean street for their own survival and in mix-up discover the power that flows through the barrel of a gun. Meanwhile they also meet a highly educated girl called Baby (Shammu) by her uncle, a pimp (Ravi Maria), who is trying to sell her off to a wealthy guy. But she is trying to complete her studies in Australia through her new friends. Soon she becomes a part of the gang. But things are not happening to their favour and leading them to a bloody climax.

      The film has not convinced the viewers at any scene and it is completely out of logic. Most of the scenes are crude, bloody and half baked. The language and the way its delivered it is irritating. The four heroes hardly find with dress and in most of the scenes they appear with just a half pant only... And in one of the scenes the police men kick them out from a van, even without the half pant! What a realistic portrayal?!

      In another scene the gang kidnapped a local rowdy's daughter for money but she is attaining puberty during the operations! Suddenly they turned as her relatives (murai payyan!) and doing Tamil customs to the girl!

      The character of Shammu has not been well etched and not justified or explained why she prefers to move around with the gang. Ponvannan"s 'good police officer' character also not impressive due to the lack of completeness.

      The climax is horrible and meaningless. Guru Kalyan's music is terrible and his background score is surely harmful to the ears!

      Mathiyosi.... One of the worst experience of movie watching!

      Cast: Harish, Alex, Gopal, Lokesh, Shammu, Ponvannan

      Music: Guru Kalyan

      Camera: Vijay Armstrong

      Editor: Kola Baskar

      Director: Nanda Periyasamy

      Producer: PS Sekar Reddy

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