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      Billa 2 Review

      By By: Prakash Upadhyaya

      'Dai Een vazhkayal oovaru nalum, oovaru nimushumam, oovaru nodiyum, nanna sethukanathu da... (Each and every day, every minute, every second, I have sculptured my life...),' mouths David Billa, as the movie begins. As the title card is displayed, the introduction to the early life of Billa is told through pictures.

      Welcome to the world of crime where bullets speak more than words. The story of the movie tells the meteoric rise of David Billa to the top of underworld. From an ordinary man, he went on to become the king of crime syndicate, killing all those who go against him. The movie begins with a flashback on his journey to the underworld.

      The civil war which broke out in Sri Lanka makes David Billa, who has lost his parents, to arrive at Rameshwaram as a refugee. It does not take much time for him to stand for what he believes is right for him. After getting in trouble with a cop, a plan is being devised to finish him off. But he escapes and kills them. However, Annachi aka Selvaraj (Ilavarasu) is impressed by his sincerity and his braveness, thereby becoming a stepping stone for Billa's entry to the crime world along with his trusted friend Ranjith (Yog Japee). On the other end, we are told about his unexpressed love with Jasmine (Parvathy Omanakuttan).

      In the next phase David Billa joins the team of drug mafia Abbasi (Sudhanshu Pandey). He wins the heart of Abbasi with his brilliance and fearless attitude but their friendship ends after Abbasi mistrust him and gets insecured of Billa's growth, fearing that he would be dangerous someday if his wings were not clipped. Confusions start after Billa makes arms deal with Dimitri (Vidyut Jamal) without his consent. However, in the process, Billa is forced to kill Abbasi. The remaining part is the arrival of Billa's new enemies and how he becomes the king of underworld by ending the lives of his enemies.

      David Billa's words are as sharp as his bullets. He likes to be trusted and does anything for money. You are inviting trouble if you are against him and he can give you his life if you are his friend.

      The blood will be seen spilling on-screen throughout the movie and every few minutes you will hear the sound of bullets going through the bodies.

      Ajith Kumar has done a one man show in Billa 2. It is a treat to watch his stylish looks backed by excellent dialogues. The actor looks young and energetic in the role of a gangster. Especially, his varied looks and the helicopter stunt sequence will get a huge round of applause. But his leading ladies Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah do not have any scope for performance. While the former has countable scenes in the movie, the latter manages to show her skin by wearing bikini a few times.

      Sudhanshu Pandey is impressive in his limited role and Vidyut Jamwal has done a decent job. Rahman, Manoj K Jayan, Krishna Kumar, Yog Japee, Ilavarasu and others have played their parts well. Meenakshi Dixit and Gabriela Bertante's special songs are impressive.

      Technically, Yuvan Shankar Raja has given wonderful songs. 'Madhurai ponnu...' and 'Gangster..' are our picks. His background score is also good. RD Rajasekhar's cinematography is excellent, and Suresh Urs' editing is neat. Special mention for the stunt team for choreographing wonderful action sequences in the movie and Era Murukan for penning punch dialogues. As far as director Chakri Toleti is concerned, he could have done a bit more homework on the subject, as the story lacks strength. He seems to have made the film keeping the Thala fans in mind. The movie is all about Ajith's heroism - though as a baddie. It is out and out Ajith film.

      On the flip side, the story lags on-the-edge elements. There are parts where the story is predictable and it could have been made interesting by bringing in some thrill to the story.

      Ratings: 3 out of 5

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