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      Mugamoodi Movie Review

      By Prakash Upadhyaya
      Before heading to theatres, you have to clear your thoughts that Mugamoodi will be no Hollywood flick rather a Tamil movie, which has taken inspiration from the Hollywood superhero movies, made for the Kollywood audience. Directed by Mysskin, who is known for making critically-acclaimed films, the movie is a tribute to Chinese-American actor Bruce Lee.

      Mysskin's approach to Mugamoodi is realistic, like before, and he has not tried to add unnecessary commercial elements. He has blended the qualities (in film) of Bruce Lee and Batman to give birth to our superhero. It has to be noted that he has not projected Jeeva as a man with extraordinary qualities taken birth to save his people, but a hero, who works within his limits to serve for a cause.

      The movie kick-starts on a serious note and tries to draw your attention in the opening scene itself. A gang of robbers unsettle the city by robbing the riches and killing them. The issue awakes the cops after the gang loots for the seventh time. Cop Gaurav (Nassar) is being appointed to catch the culprits. We are also introduced to Bruce Lee aka Anand aka Mugamoodi, who has been trained in Kung Fu by Chandru (Selvaah), and the baddie played by Narain.

      Being a jobless, Bruce Lee often lands in fights and gets nice tongue-lashing for his acts from his father. When his father points his finger at his guru for being useless to his family, the son objects his father's statement on his guru for his mistakes. During one of his fights, he gets caught by Shakti, the daughter of cop Gaurav, and she gets him arrested. His anger on her, turns to love in his second sight and in order to meet her at home, he dons the superman avatar, which accidentally makes him help the cops to catch a culprit involved in the robbery.

      The outcome of the incident is that Bruce Lee learns a new form of Kung Fu, which is not thought by his guru, thereby giving hints of the latter's past. What is Chandru's flashback? How does his love for Shakti give a twist to the story? How Narain is connected to Chandru? Answers to all these questions should be seen on-screen.

      The story of Mugamoodi, unlike Hollywood movies, is not a complex tale to understand. Mysskin does not hurry in his story telling and narrates it in his own time. The progress of the characters are slow and believable. It seems like the director wanted to make Mugamoodi a franchise, as the heroism of the superhero will only start in the later part of the second half.

      The interesting factor about the movie is that it has not glorified the main roles with superhuman qualities rather restricted to human limits. Adding to that the fights, scenes and characters, all are realistic which have to be appreciated. Especially, the action sequences and chases are treat to watch.

      Jeeva wins the show through his astounding performance. His acting is good but his action sequences get full marks. Narain has tried to imitate Joker - famous made by Heath Ledger - of The Dark Night and Pooja Hegde makes a good start in her career, as she has done decent job. Technically, Sathya's cinematography is brilliant, and K's three songs have already become chart busters. His background score has set the right mood to watch.

      On the flip side, the slow narration and absence of the regular masala-element might not go well the some sections of the audience and there are jerks at screenplay. Mugamoodi would have a better appeal if the length of the movie would be reduced.

      Verdict: It's worth a watch.

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