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Arrambam (Aarambam) Movie Review

By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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The wait is over. Ajith Kumar's much-awaited Arrambam (Aarambam) has hit the screens today (October 31). The movie, which was released on Wednesday (October 30) in some foreign countries, has got good pre-talks in the industry. Director Vishnuvardhan has taken inspiration from the Mumbai 9/11 terrorist attacks.

With the successful combo of Billa (Ajith Kumar, Nayantara, Vishnuvardhan and Yuvan Shankar Raja) joining hands again, the expectations are obviously very high on the Tamil movie. Adding to that, Thala and the director's last movies (Billa 2 and Panjaa in Telugu) had failed to impress audience. Hence, they too want to deliver a hit.

Is Arrambam up to the hype? What has Vishnuvardhan churned out for Ajith Kumar along with Nayantara, Arya and Taapsee Pannu? Read on to know more...

The movie opens up with Mumbai witnessing a series of bomb explosions. AK alias Ashok Kumar (Ajith) is the man behind it. Soon he kidnaps Arya, a hacker, and includes him in his larger plan. A flashback is revealed, where we are told about Maya (Nayantara), Anitha (Taapsee Pannu), who is the girlfriend of Arya and an aspiring TV journalist.

Ajith threatens to kill Anitha in order to make Arya to work for him. They successfully hack and bring down the server of a media company. Honest cop played by Kishore catches them and another flashback takes us to Ajith Kumar's past life at ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) along with Sanjay (Rana Daggubati).

In the second half, we get a clear picture about the revenge drama. What is the motive behind the bomb explosion? Does Ajith have a terrorist connection? Why does he target a media company? What role has Nayantara played?

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Sword Fish Shades

There are also shades of Hollywood movie Sword Fish. Nevertheless, it has been tuned to suit the Tamil audience. Arrambam is about the nexuses between politics and media, in which a cop becomes a victim.

Well-crafted Script

The base of the story is a bullet proof jacket scam and the script is well-crafted by Vishnuvardhan and SuBha.

Twists And Turns

There are interesting twists and turns, which come as a surprise to the audience, from the word go. The first half puts a perfect foundation for the movie to make the second half an interesting affair.

Engaging Sans Comedy Scenes

Most part of the movie is engaging sans well-written comedy scenes. Arrambam is a serious movie and the comedy part has taken a backseat in the script.

Serious Movie

People would have enjoyed the movie, if it had a lot of comedy scenes considering the serious nature of Arrambam.


Arrambam is not crisp and it is one of the drawbacks of the flick. In the second half, the story becomes predictable to some extent after the motive behind Ashok Kumar's revenge is revealed.

Ajith, No Superhero

Coming to performances, Ajith Kumar has given his best. Let me warn you, Arrambam doesn't project Ajith Kumar like a superhero.

No Exaggerated Heroism

Please don't visit the theatres thinking that you will see a Billa in Arrambam. The director has not exaggerated the heroism of Ajith's character in the flick. This has to be praised.


Except occasional dialogues and scenes, Ajith will be seen like a normal human, who is fighting hard to seek a revenge against villains.

Ajith's Workouts Not Visible

However, Ajith Kumar's strict workouts to get into the shape is not visible. Indeed, it surprises audience as the actor's extra weight is visible during dance sequences.

Team Fails

Ajith Kumar may have his own body issues, but the Arrambam team has completely failed to show him at his best.


When it comes to Nayantara, she has a good role. She appears in glamorous costumes at parts.


Arya has performed well in Arrambam. The underlining part of the story is that he is not overshadowed by Ajith Kumar.

Arya And Taapsee

Arya's comic scenes are enjoyable. Taapsee Pannu is his love interest in the movie. She looks cute in the movie and has done a reasonably good job.

Mahesh Manjrekar, Atul Kulkarni And Kishore

Mahesh Manjrekar and Atul Kulkarni have played the role of baddies in Arrambam, while Kishore is seen in the role of a honest cop.

Others Performances

Mahesh Manjrekar, Atul Kulkarni and Kishore have played their part well. Suman Ranganathan and Akshara Gowda have a couple of scenes. Rana Daggubati makes a lasting impression.

Yuvan's Music

Yuvan Shankar Raja's music to Ajith Kumar's movie perfectly suit Thala's image. The musician has always given the best tunes for the actor.

Arrambam Album, A Hit

The expectations were obviously high this time with Arrambam. The latest album has become one of the best albums of 2013.

Yuvan's Music Works Big Time

After Dheena, Billa and Billa 2, the combo of Ajith and Yuvan Shankar Raja for Arrambam has worked big time for the flick.

Our Picks

'Adadada arrambame', 'Stylish thamizhachi' and 'En fuse pochu' are our picks from the album.

Background Score Rocks

Not only songs, but also the background score by Yuvan Shankar Raja is brilliant.

Om Prakash's Cinematography

If you look at the video songs and trailer of Arrambam, you'll get an idea about Om Prakash's cinematography.

Outstanding Cinematography

Om Prakash is outstanding behind the camera. He has stylishly shot Arrambam, and Ajith's fans wouldn't have got better visuals than this flick.


A Sreekar Prasad's scissors are not sharp as Arrambam is not up to the mark. There are some dragging and unwanted scenes, if removed, the movie would have had a better outlook.

Costume Design/Choreography

Vishnuvardhan's wife Anu has designed the costumes for Arrambam. She has ensured that the lead actors look their best. However, some of her choices for Ajith is not praiseworthy. The other drawback of the movie is the choreography.


Arrambam is a well-made action thriller. Except some minor flaws, the movie has turned out to be a wholesome entertainer for all section of audience.

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