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      Natpe Thunai Review: Predictability Stifles the Movie From Rising Above Mediocrity

      Star Cast: Hiphop Tamizha Adhi, Anagha, Karu Palaniappan, RJ Vigneshkanth, Shah Ra
      Director: Parthiban Desingu D

      After testing the waters with his debut flick, Meesaya Murukku as an actor, Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi is back with an interesting movie plot. Natpe Thunai, a movie in the sports genre doesn't just emphasize the role and passion of sports in one's life, but comes with a social cause as well.

      Natpe Thunai Review: Predictability Stifles the Movie From Rising Above Mediocrity


      Prabhakaran (Aadhi), is a carefree youngster who wishes to settle down in France, and moves to Karaikal for the very purpose. As expected, he bumps into the heroine, who is a hockey player. Deepa (Anagha) acts as a bridge between Aadhi and Shanmugam, a retired military officer who happens to be present-day hockey coach for a local team.

      Issues crop up when a certain corporate entity tries to embezzle the hockey ground used for practice by Shanmugam and the team. The corporate is backed by a local powerful politician, Haricharan (Karu Palaniappan), which stifles the military man. How does Prabhakaran help Shanmugham and the team in getting out of the tangle forms the rest of the plot.


      Importance of the Sport
      Decent Storyline
      Certain Dialogues


      Similar Storyline from Many Cinemas
      Quick paced Editing
      Scattered Screenplay At Parts


      Speaking about the performances in the movie, all actors seem to have gone past the adequate line and can be accredited with 'decent to good' level of performance. Aadhi is appealing especially, when he mouths the dialogue of stressing the importance of hockey. Karu Palaniappan is a good take away in the movie from the casting. Rest of them are good.

      Technical Aspects

      Parthiban Desingu has had a fairly good storyline but kind of meddled it with his writing and execution. His innocent sub-plots could be his own idea, but one cannot stop themselves from drawing references from various movies such as Chak De India, Kaththi, Gentleman and Lagaan.

      The editing is so brisk-paced that the audience does not even get a passable time for breather. Scenes don't quite sink by the audience. A movie of sports genre should be filled with high emotions and the sharp editing work doesn't render the feel to the audience.

      Music by Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi is good and fits the bill while the production values by Khushbu Sundar and Sundar. C is in line with the movie's requirement.


      Natpe Thunai is an ok movie which neither makes you contended wholeheartedly nor makes you deceived for your ticket's worth. Go for it only if you crave for some entertainment or kill some time.

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