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      Petta Review: Rajinikanth Is As Stylish As Ever In This Top-notch Entertainer!

      Star Cast: Rajinikanth, Vijay Sethupathi, Sananth Reddy, Megha Akash, Simran Bagga
      Director: Karthik Subbaraj

      There have been umpteen number of reasons to tag Petta as one among the most-awaited movies. With Rajinikanth joining hands with Karthik Subbaraj, who is one among the most talented young film-makers of the country, the audiences expect nothing short than a fabulous entertainer. Moreover, the makers of the film also assured that Petta would be a film which will loved by all the fans of Rajinikanth. Has Petta lived up to all the promises and expectations? Read Petta review here to get the answers.

      Petta Review: Rajinikanth Steals The Show In A Way That Only He Can!


      The story of Petta revolves around a person named Kaali, who is working as a college warden. He earns the love of the college students by helping them out in many ways. At the same time, Kaali has a past which no one knows and he has to take one someone really big.

      Script & Direction

      First thing first, Karthik Subbaraj has presented Rajinikanth in a way that we have been longing to see him. In fact, he has used the star as well as the actor in Rajinikanth. The writer and film-maker has placed the character in an interesting storyline. The premises that he have chosen for the present story is pretty fresh and it would make an instant connect with the new age audiences as well. The characterisations too deserve a whole lot of applauses with each one of them having their own identity.

      In Petta, Karthik Subbaraj has made it a point to add umpteen number of elements that would definitely cheer up all the Rajinikanth fans. For instance, in the first half of the film, he has loaded whole lot of elements that would thrill the fans. He has definitely packaged an able entertainer without losing out the essence of the core plot. It needs to be said that the first half of the film is definitely the best in the recent times. However, his idea of overloading the second half has taken a slight backlash. The second half looks crowded and drags in many portions. Somewhere, the flashback portion too fail to creat the required connect. Nevertheless, the film-maker in him pulls everything back on track and thus offering a fabulous climax and pre-climax portions.


      Well, Rajinikanth is in top form as the lead character and he steals the show each time that he comes on screen. He is at his energetic best, dancing, fighting, romancing and mouthing the one-liners in the most effective way. Definitely, we get to see the Rajinikanth of the 90's and he once again proves that he is the numero uno. Vijay Sethupathi does his part pretty well in a well-written role. The actor scores exceedingly well. Nawazuddin Siddiqui too makes an impressive performance in his debut Tamil movie. Sasikumar was good in his role as Mallik. Simran and Trisha have done their part pretty well but it needs to be said that their roles were poorly written.

      Other Aspects

      Anirudh has impressed yet again with his songs as well as BGM. In fact, he has smartly played those BGM's in the mass sequences without much repetitions. Thirru has set some fantastic frames that are fresh and unique. The visuals do complete justice to the story-telling. The editing could have been definitely better as the film looked a bit elongated in the first half.


      Rajinikanth, Rajinikanth And Rajinikanth

      Anirudh's BGM

      The Fabulous First Half

      The Action Sequences

      Vijay Sethupathi's Performance

      The Scintillating Punch Lines

      The Climax And Pre-climax Portions


      The dragging portions in the second half

      Flashback sequences couldn't create the required connect.


      Petta is definitely a film that stays loyal to its genre and it keeps the audiences entertained despite some of the dragging moments in the second half. It is indeed a treat for all Rajinikanth fans as the superstar steals the show in a way that only he can.

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