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      Suttu Pidikka Utharavu Review: Predictable Narrative & Weak Screenplay Make This A Forgettable Flick

      Star Cast: Vikranth, Mysskin, Suseenthiran, Athulya Ravi, Sai Krishna
      Director: Ram Prakash Rayappa

      We have had our share of heist thrillers. What makes this Friday release Suttu Pidikka Utharavu different? The presence of directors Suseenthiran and Mysskin who are usually seen behind the scenes. Read on to find if the action thriller directed by Ramprakash Rayappa comes thumbs up.

      Suttu Pidikka Utharavu Review: Predictable Narrative & Weak Screenplay Make This A Forgettable Flick


      A gang of unidentified men barge into a private bank to loot a ransom with lethal weapons and in the process, they end up injuring and killing innocent citizens. Though the plan isn't executed as expected, the conmen swindle money and manage to escape the crime location; the entry of the police team deters their overall plan.

      The police team guided by Ibrahim (Mysskin) comes with a revelation that Ashok (Vikranth) heads the con gang. The gang with heavy arms enters a busy and crowded colony in Coimbatore just to escape from the clutches of the police force and subsequently, enters into a cat-mouse fight with the police. Parallel to this proceeding, a group of dreaded terrorists plans something frightful in the city, which makes it a big package of chasing, action, gunshots, etc.


      The Initial Action Sequence


      Mysskin's Performance


      Predictable Narrative

      Not-so Engaging Screenplay


      Vikranth as the lead of the con gang hasn't delivered a praiseworthy performance and is just okay. Mysskin as a restless cop, is impressive with his body language and dialogue delivery. Director Susindheeran, who is making his on-screen debut, shows his potential as an actor. He fits the bill properly. Athulya Ravi is beautiful but does not make much of an impact in the space given to her.

      Technical Aspects

      Director Ramprakash comes with an interesting storyline and sets the tempo well in the initial few scenes. The opening action sequence is interesting, leaving the audience craving for something big; further proceedings of the movie fail to maintain the same tempo. The action sequences during the mid-way of the movie seem a bit cluttered and the audience tends to lose interest over the proceedings as things get predictable. Probably, the director could have been a little careful in handling certain logic and could have avoided certain light-hearted scenes, which are included just from the commercial standpoint.

      Rest of the technical aspects are adequate, which neither pulls back the movie nor elevates the package.

      Final Verdict

      Suttu Pidika Utharavu is good in bits and pieces but pretty average as an overall product. Not a must watch flick for the week.

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