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      Thumba Movie Review: A Breezy Fun-filled Ride, Especially For The Younglings

      Star Cast: Darshan, Keerthi Pandian, Jayam Ravi
      Director: Harish Ram

      An interesting movie to hit screens this weekend as the audience is presented with a fun-filled adventure ride. Thumbaa, directed by Harish Ram, stars Dheena, Darshan and Pandian.


      A tiger and its cub escape from the reserve and are said to be in the top slip area of the Nilgiris. Meanwhile, Dheena is on a job to paint a tiger statue right in the middle of the top slip jungle and is accompanied by his friend, Darshan.

      It is from this point, the fun and frolic start between the two friends and the animals in the jungle. Be it a monkey, an elephant, etc., they happen to have some funny encounters, which ticks the first-half. Keerthi Pandian is introduced to the painter duo as a wildlife photographer (and what better profession than this in the forest reserve) who synchronizes with the team.


      The villagers try to safeguard the tiger, which brings in the socio-message and a serious element to the movie while the forest officials have a crooked plan, which gets unfurled in the eyes of the villagers. What is it and what happens to the tiger, forms the rest of the plot.


      Engaging Screenplay



      Appreciable Attempt


      Music (Though not a huge let down)

      Logics (Not a mandate for a fantasy movie)


      Performances of all actors are laudable in unison. Though new to the job, they do not sport camera fear or appear to be amateurish. Dheena, Darshan and Keerthi render good performances, considering the magnitude of the movie.
      Jayam Ravi makes a cameo performance and is surely an added asset to the movie.

      Technical Aspects

      Director Harish Ram has not just selected a good script but has laced it with an engaging screenplay. He has designed the entire product in a crisp run-time and that is a good pull point for the audience.
      Cinematography is one major plus factor of the movie as it is quite a challenging task in such a movie.

      The lighting or the framing in the forest areas is top-notch.

      VFX is one department, which has worked hard considering the budget of the movie. A neat output, which enhances the overall visual experience.

      Music, somehow, tends to be the odd man out from the other technical departments. Saying that, the BGM or songs are not bad, but not too great either.

      Final Verdict

      Thumbaa is a neatly and genuinely made movie, which clicks with the family audience.

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