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      Cadaver Movie Review: Amala Paul's Crime Thriller Is Clumsy But Watchable!

      Star Cast: Amala Paul, Harish Uthaman, Arun Adith, Munishkanth, Athulya Ravi
      Director: Anoop Panicker

      Cadaver, the crime thriller film that features Amala Paul in the lead role, has premiered on Disney+ Hotstar today. The movie, which is helmed by Anoop Panicker, is scripted by Abhilash Pillai. Amala Paul also made her debut as a film producer with Cadaver, which features her in the role of an expert pathologist.

      Does the crime thriller impress audiences? Read the Cadaver movie review here to know...

      What's Yay:

      Certain performances



      What's Nay:

      Inconsistency in Amala Paul's look


      Logical loopholes

      Amateur making


      Bhadra Thangavel (Amala Paul) is an expert pathologist who is well-known for solving the most complicated cases. She helps the assistant police commissioner Vishal (Harish Uthaman) in solving a murder case of a surgeon. The duo's investigation leads them to a prisoner named Vetri (Adith Arun), who had vowed to kill the surgeon. Despite Bhadra and Vishal's precautions and being in custody, Vetri manages to execute a second murder as well. What happens next forms the crux of Cadaver.

      Cadaver Movie Review: Amala Pauls Film Is Clumsy, But Shines At Parts | Cadaver Review

      Script & Direction

      Director Anoop Panicker and writer Abhilash Pillai create a world of crime that has the potential to be something extraordinary. But the amateur making and lazy writing let down the film to a large extent. Cadaver begins on a promising note with the introduction of its protagonist, a pathologist who doesn't even mind having her meal inside a mortuary. There are some well-executed scenes that throw light on the lives of pathologists, making Cadaver a unique experience. But this spark is lost after a point and the film tries hard to make a mark.

      The Amala Paul-starrer is hit by the predictability factor after a point, and it severely affects the narrative. Also, some of the most important scenes (especially the scenes involving media and its interference in the police investigation) are almost caricaturish and downright illogical. The weak dialogues and melodrama in the second half also dilute the overall impact. However, Cadaver compensates for its flaws with some good moments, that make it a watchable film.


      Cadaver Movie Review: Amala Pauls Crime Thriller Is Clumsy But Watchable! | Cadaver Review

      Amala Paul delivers a neat performance as Dr Bhadra Thangavel. But her inconsistent hairstyle and look (which is clearly an odd creative choice) play major spoilsports in the effectiveness of her character. Harish Uthaman shines as ACP Vishal with his mature performance. The rest of the cast, including Adith Arun, Munishkanth, Athulya Ravi, Riythvika, and others are good in their respective roles.

      Technical Aspects

      The excellent cinematography and top-notch production design create the perfect backdrop for a thriller. The background music by Ranjin Raj is good, but the songs are forgettable.


      Cadaver is a watchable crime thriller that has some bright moments to offer, despite its clumsy making, predictability, and logical loopholes. The Amala Paul-starrer is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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