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      Jiivi 2 Movie Review: Vetri's Sequel Retains The Suspense


      Star Cast: Vetri, Karunakaran, Ashwini, Mime Gopi, Rohini, Nasser,
      Director: V J Gopinath

      Jiivi 2 starring Vetri, Karunakaran, Ashwini Chandrasekar, Mime Gopi, and Rohini, among others, proves to be a worthy sequel and picks up directly from where Jiivi ended. The film, directed by VJ Gopinath, manages to retain the suspense and pace of the first instalment.


      Let's quickly recollect the backdrop of the sequel. Vetri plays Saravanan, an intellectual working odd jobs trying to make a living, while constantly in a pursuit of a meaningful life. Karunakaran plays Mani, a timid friend who is sort of codependent on Saravanan. In Jiivi, the duo plan and execute a robbery at their neighbour's house, and the jewels that they rob change their life forever. Saravanan believes that the jewels he stole triggered the triangle rule in his life, which he explains in the film as a phenomenon that creates similar and cyclic events in the lives of people connected by a certain something (the jewels in this case). Jiivi ends with Saravanan deciding to get married to the daughter of the neighbour from whom he stole the jewels, hoping that his wedding would break the chain of events. By the end of the film the jewels no longer remain in his possession.

      jiivi 2

      Jiivi 2 begins with Saravanan's marriage to Kavitha, played by Ashwini Chandrashekar. Kavitha is visually challenged and Saravanan tries to arrange funds for her eye surgery. His plan however doesn't proceed, and he falls prey to his temptation to steal again. And his attempt at a robbery drags him into trouble yet again. And soon he starts seeing connections resurfacing. Saravanan sets out to find the root of the stories of those linked in the triangle and he discovers truths that confuse him even more.

      The story is engaging and keeps us waiting for it to unravel connections and similarities. Recognising the patterns as we follow them alongside Saravanan is a fun exercise that helps us stay invested in the story. The film ends with another attempt of Saravanan to end this vicious cycle but the film teases us with a shot that makes us wonder if Saravanan had put an end to it or has created a whole new chain of events.


      Vetri as Saravanan is believable in the sense that he appears smart and aware of his situations even when they don't make perfect sense to him. He has an air of intelligence in his eyes that he uses well in his performance. Ashwini brings the necessary drama to the plot, portraying her character's helplessness and makes us wish well for her.

      jiivi 2

      Karunakaran as Mani, has played the character to perfection making the performance sufficiently annoying without making us hate the character altogether. Rohini and Mime Gopi reprise their roles as sibilings and Nasser is seen in a cameo.

      Technical Aspects

      The background score by KS Sundaramurthy doesn't poke its head out, trying to announce its existence. It blends with the story. The editing by Praveen KL keeps the film moving without any unnecessary lags in the narrative.


      Jiivi 2 doesn't roam far from Jiivi, and manages to bring the same amount of curiosity that the first part brought to the viewers. And it leaves us wanting for more of Saravanan's story in possible sequels to come. Jiivi 2 has released on Aha and its definitely worth a watch if you liked Jiivi.

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