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Abhijeet Sawant: How life's been post Indian Idol

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What kind of offers did you get post Indian Idol?
As I said before there were more silly offers than serious ones. I got offers from people who don't even know what cinema is. They were just businessmen who wanted to make films or albums with me. I even got some offers from very good banners but they wanted me to surrender my exclusivity to them. Like one offer had a clause which prevented me to make any public appearance after winning Indian Idol for a year. They intended to launch me in a different way in their films. At the same time I also went to meet some big music composers for work. They were very nice with me and gave me assurances.

Is it that much easy for an aspiring singer what everyone thinks if he / she wins any such talent hunt?
If anybody thinks this way, he/she is totally ignorant about the functioning of this industry. See, winning any title like Indian Idol only matters for the common public not for the industry bigwigs. They don't care for any idol or any contest winner. For them you are just like other singers in the industry. It depends on how you promote your talent and market yourself.

What is best thing that happened to you after you became Indian Idol?
There are many but for me the best thing that happened is the happiness and well being of my parents. Life is settled now. I need not worry if I would be able to take good care of my mom and dad, as I was worried before Indian Idol.

Tell us frankly, from these talent hunts, who is most benefited, the channel or the contestant?
I would say both. Just consider my example. I used to sing for mere 500 or 1000 bucks and today what I get is much more than ever expected. It is many many times more than my initial earnings. An aspiring singer gets a good platform and the channel gets a good business. After all everyone is here to make profit. In a way the contestants can be more benefited because they don't have to give anything. In any situation they just get.

Now Indian Idol 3 is going to start. What do you expect this time?
Well, there isn't any exclusivity anymore. The shows are similar on every channel almost. I feel these shows are here hardly for the next 3-4 years only. Everyone thought Indian Idol 2 will be a hit as the first season but it wasn't. This time too I don't know how it is going to happen. If they work hard they will succeed otherwise I don't know. Actually I can't say it will be a hit or flop this time.

When are you getting married? Will you still deny the old news of your engagement with someone called Shilpa?
I can get married any time. May be this year or may be next. I think the right time has come. About my engagement, I am still going to deny that old news because it was totally false. She is just like a family friend as we lived together in the same society for 10 years. There is nothing more than a close friendly relation between us. (Laughs) You may see someone else as my wife.


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