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    "I have great plans to come back to films"

    By Staff

    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Meet Akshay Anand, the actor who is soon joining "Viraasat" in a major role. Although he is currently appearing in two daily soaps and is very busy, Akshay is confident of making it back in the films. He says he is waiting for the right script and role. Recently, we talked to him at length on his present activities, future plans and many more. Here are the excerpts.

    Q: You are joining Viraasat, what is your role about?

    A: Yes I am joining Viraasat and I am playing a role of an elder brother of Aman Verma and this character was talked about in the serial but never has been appeared on screen, as now as the family is facing some major crisis this character comes into picture as he has left home before and it is positive role...

    Q: Have you done any homework for this role?

    A: Not much actually, as I always go on sets interact with people and grow on sets only...

    Q: Now you're in two daily soaps. How will you manage time now?

    A: Actually, I am a very professional person as I adjust and organize my dates and time nicely. I also am aware about my responsibilities towards my family and I take out time for them too...

    Q: In Viraasat there are different sets of people altogether so how is it being interacting with them?

    A: Yes, there are different sets of people in Viraasat altogether as in their attitude and all, but I have shot only two scenes now that too one with Rohit Roy and one were I have to go to see Aman Verma in hospital that too silently. So there isn't not much interaction, but Rohit Roy I have worked before and also with Aman Verma and Ravi Chopra so it is nice working with them and I hope with others too I would enjoy.....

    Q: You are playing a role of a big brother in both of your serials. Which role resembles you more?

    A: Actually both, as were Brijesh's role ends then the Viraasat's role starts as I am responsible and caring but I can be angry and if I don't want to go back to home I won't go and I can be rigid too...

    Q: What do you think about coming back to movies?

    A: I have great plans for coming back to films, but I am waiting for correct type of roles but definitely not quantity but quality...

    Q: What do you prefer more films or movies?

    A: Actually, movies are going through a very different phase now, but television is also changing face so both are important...

    Q: After Saat Phere people have begun to recognize you more?

    A: Yes, people have started recognizing me more through Saat Phere as they have been able to connect to the character. Many have come to me and said that you are doing correct...

    Q: You have done many serials, so which serial is more close to your heart?

    A: Indradhanush on DD is my favorite so far. But then I also cherish my roles in Teacher on Zee, where I played a role of a kid and how does he react to the outside world and how circumstances make him feel like committing suicide.

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