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    "I do not endorse leaps in serials": Anand Suryavanshi

    By Super Admin

    Monday, June 18, 2007

    This actor, better known as Akshay of 'Mamta', has high hopes from the show after it takes a leap. After a host of other roles, Anand Suryavanshi has finally been paid off for his hard work. We had a talk to the man himself as to how he feels about the success and the present trends in television serials. Here is the excerpt.

    How has been your experience with 'Mamta'?

    I have been enjoying every day at 'Mamta'. It is a good show and I'm on my high because of it. I have been a part of it since day one and now it feels good that people have started recognizing me. I'm happy that my efforts are being recognized by people. What else can I ask for as an actor?

    How comfortable are you playing the older character post the leap?

    Oh I'm enjoying that too. I have no problem as to playing an older character. In fact, I always wanted to play an older man, but not more older than this. I wanted to have a wrinkled face and stuff like that, but due to time constraints in television I cannot possibly have that make up on and off everyday.

    There was news of you people not wanting to go in for a leap. Neha (Mehta) left because she did not approve of it. You carried on....

    See, all that I wanted to know is how my character would be after the break. If it was not too substantial or loosing its stand then I would not have done it. This was the only confusion. But we worked things out in a healthy way, the production house took our views, gave their and we decided on things.

    What is happening with your look? Has a final decision been taken?

    No, actually the production house and the creative team have all changed. Moreover, we are not getting enough time from our shooting schedule to land on a decision. At present there is a look, but it will be changed. I have done everything that I could but from my side; I have changed my wardrobe, my body language and also my style of dialogue delivery. But what needs to be changed is my face which still defies the age of my character. We are working on it.

    Being a part of this show from day one, how much do you identify with your onscreen image?

    I do, but not totally. Akshay is humble, caring and loving and can do anything for his family. I'm not trying to say that I'm not like that, but to a limit. Sometimes I feel that Akshay overdoes things, which I would not do. I'm similar to Akshay not like him.

    How much are you missing Neha (Mehta)?

    Yes, I'm missing her. Since both of us were a part of the show from the beginning, we are comfortable with each other. Ajay Krishna and I are the only two who have come forward from the older generation. I do miss Neha and the camaraderie that I had with her. We had a give and take relationship with her.

    So aren't you comfortable with Narayani?

    No, it is not so. Actually I was used to seeing 'Mamta' in Neha. I was acquainted to Narayani, but it not as cordial. Now, I am slowly getting used to working with her. It will take a little time.

    Do you think leaps work?

    See, I believe that leaps have done well. If the characters are not affected and butchered and still carry the same charm then the leaps work. I'm not endorsing leaps and personally I am not in favour of them. I think that leaps should only be incorporated when there is not other option for the story to move ahead. 'Kyunki...' has already taken many leaps, but it is justified as it is a long running show. 'Mamta' has taken a leave only in a year. I feel the story could have been moved ahead in some other way.

    Have you decided on doing anything else?

    No, nothing as yet. But if something good comes my way I would certainly give it a thought. Actually, I dedicate 14 hours to 'Mamta' and want to balance my personal and professional life, so do not want to jump into anything. Something is happening but I do want to say anything about it yet.

    What about films?

    It's going to happen sooner or later, but I cannot say it will not happen.

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