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"It is time for another change in television": Anoop Soni

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Anoop Soni has been in this industry for a decade now, but he has still not managed to leave a mark. He has begun his career with films, but then when it did not work for him, he too moved on to television. Here too, he has not be too successful, but has managed to get some good characters.

Currently seen in a Balaji show, Anoop is all set to make a special appearance in Smriti Z. Irani"s 'Virrudh". Anoop says he is not too happy with what he has done till now and aspires for more meaningful roles in good films. Here is the excerpt of his interview.

Tell us something about your character in 'Virrudh".
I will be playing a special investigation officer called Vikram Agarkar. He is basically an upright, honest and no-nonsense kind of an inspector who will investigate into the attack on Dhirendra Raisinghania.

Is it a cameo?
As far as I know, it is a special appearance, which is not going to last for more than two weeks.

You played a surprising negative role in 'Jeete Hain Jiske Liiye". Are there any such chances again? I don"t know. This aspect was thought of, but nothing has been decided yet. Maybe if the character gets concrete and substantial, I might just carry on with it.

What made you accept this role?
I am already doing 'Kahanii Ghar Ghar Kii". I find it taxing doing two dailies at a time. Doing 'Virrudh" will also give me the time to concentrate on some other things. Moreover, it is a good show.

So had you being following it?
No, not religiously, but I keep a touch.

You have been seen doing serious kinds of roles, any particular reason for it?
No, I do not think it is so. I have done different kinds of roles in 'I Love You", 'Saaya" and 'Remix". So, I think that from my side I have a variety, but I guess you ask the producers why I"m not being offered different kinds of roles. You know it happens. As an actor some kind of roles suit you better than the others.

Are you choosy with your roles?
Yes, I"m choosy, but you know serial no have longer life now a days. Thus, I like to do good strong roles.

How has been your experience in the industry so far?
It has been fabulous so far. I have enjoyed a lot.

Do you find any changes in the industry in the past 10 years of being here?
Yes, there have been a lot of changes. In the film industry, only the working style has changed, while television has gone from weekly half-an-hour shows to daily episodes. The working time has increased by five times. But I guess, it is time for another change in television.

What kind of changes?
I think television should become more realistic. Reality shows are good watching and as far as I know television, reality shows will last for a longer time.

Are you happy with the kind of roles that are being offered to you?
No, I am not absolutely happy. You know television is limited and in this limited field whatever I have got is average. But for films I feel that I need some bigger roles.

What kind of roles do you want in films?
I would love to do films like 'The Namesake", 'Metro" and 'Rang De Basanti". When I see such films, I feel that as an actor I have a lot to learn and a lot to grow. There are so many things that I still have not done.

What is happening in the film front?
I have just finished a film called 'Karkash". Here too, I"m there in a serious… not exactly serious role, but I play a crude and rude character. Suchitra Pillai is opposite me. The film has been produced and directed by actor Kamal Sadanah. The film is my first lead role in Bollywood and I"m looking forward to it. It is complete now and ready for release, but I still do not know the exact date for its release.

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