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'It feels great to get prominence' : Ashish Kapoor

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Ashish Kapoor, known as Kanwar Sab of "Saath Phere", is on cloud nine these days, as his role turns sweet and lovable from a sour and hateful one. He is also happy doing a crossover film, which he is excited about. Here he talks about his role and likes and dislikes.

How has been your experience in "Saath Phere" thus far?
It's been great and also brilliant, as it has a great producer, director, cast and crew, it is a family to me now. I have so much attachment with the show and people there. I have made great friends and I hope to cherish it life long. Above all, it is my first serial which is been running since the past one year.

Your character has transformed from a hateful to a lovable one....
Yes, it has turned positive. The character is now acting like a double-edged sword. It may sound thrilling, but it seems balanced now. It is quite a different character, but I don't know why and how long will it stay positive.

How do you feel as your role is getting prominence now?
I was always there. I mean my character was always in the serial. It is just that few other characters come in and also went out. But the character I am portraying is very important and it feels nice when an actor's character gets importance, as it is very essential for an actor to play a prominent role. So I feel great.

Did people look down upon you as you played a negative role for a long time?
No, actually nothing of that sort has happened with me. In fact, people have come down to me and appreciated my work. I personally feel that the character was negative, but, at the same time, it was also a bit comic, a bit of naughty. I enjoyed playing it as it had a different flavour altogether. He used to do stupid things and tried to save himself and always tried to dig things, which would benefit him. So it is a mixed role.

So, which one do you enjoy most, a negative or a positive role?
See, it is very difficult to say that, as the most important thing is the character and the script. There is nothing to do with my liking, as I have to do what is written in my script. It is my job, as everyday when I get the script in my hand I have to work accordingly. But Personally, I like both the characters equally...

Tell us something about your crossover film "Zero Hour - A Royal Massacre"?
It is basically a docu-drama and a crossover film by U.K. Productions based on the royal massacre of King Gynanender of Nepal. I play the role of the king. It is a very nice movie.

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