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Gauri Nigudkar looks forward to life after 'Paraaya Dhan'

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

As 'Betiyaan Apni Yaa... Paraaya Dhan' comes to an end, Gauri Nigudkar looks forward to other things in life. Few knows that she is Post Graduate in Organic Chemistry and has always been academically inclined and there is a lot that she can actually do.

Finally, 'Paraaya Dhan' is going off air. How much are you going to miss your co-actors?
I am going to miss them like hell. Yes, all of them. They all had become like an extension of my family.

Do you think 'Paraaya Dhan' lost out,in spite of doing well because two serials with the same concept were running at the same time?
No I don't think so. There are so many serials which have similar concepts. But the storyline, characters and characterizations- all were different in our show.

How has been the experience of playing the lead in a daily soap? Tell us about pressures and interesting aspects involved.
It was fun. Really, I am thankful to the entire team of 'Paraaya Dhan' for being so nice to me. We all were like one big happy family. The first schedule was in Jodhpur and we were there through out. We had breakfast, lunch and even dinner together. We used to play cards at night and stuff like that. Right from the beginning, there was a bond between all of us. We hit it off so well. It has been so many months now , when I look back at it all, all I can say is that it was a very good experience.

Did you experience any crazy incident with any of your fans coming to you and enquiring about your character Krishna's troublesome life?
(laughs) Yeah once I went to Sidhivinayak temple and many people came to me and started asking me about my marriage to Parth(Gautam Rhode). I said nothing as I had no answers. Yeah it is quite funny to have so many people coming to you and asking about your screen role as if it were reality.

Seems the role of Krishna was close to your heart as you yourself compared the character with Lord Krishna. Have you become choosier now?
A. Actually I have always been. Whatever role you play you should have to understand the character well and you should relate to it. For a better performance the role should excite you from within. And you should feel like experimenting with it or something like that. I hope God has something really special in store for me.

Now that the serial is coming to an end, have you signed anything as yet?
I haven't signed anything yet. I really don't know what next. I will like to relax for some time and if anything nice comes my way I will take it. I have really not planned anything yet.

What about your aim of doing PhD in Chemistry? Is it in your mind or are you not considering it anymore?
Right now I am not considering it at least for a year or two. I don't know what next.

There was news that the cast and crew ganged up and tore the unlucky shirt of the second unit director as they considered his shirt unlucky. Were you also involved in that?
(Laughs) Yeah Pradeep Yadav, our second unit director had this shirt. We were shooting at that time and we all felt and decided that the particular shirt of his brought bad news. The technicians and unit members bought a new shirt and made him change it. They tore it off and strictly instructed him not to wear it ever again on the sets.

You started with a Marathi film. Are films in your mind?
Yeah I did start with a Marathi film, but I really do not know. If any good project comes my way, I may accept it. As I have already said, I never plan anything in my life. I like to take things as it comes my way.

We have heard you are a music buff. Which new song are you listening to these days?
Amongst the new ones, I like Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Doorie and the songs of Metro and all the songs of Tara rum pum.

Are you a movie buff too?
No. I first go through the reviews and if they are decent enough I watch the films.

Any tip for the monsoons?
Hope Mumbai is safe from the floods this year as it creates havoc for every citizen. I would urge everyone to take care.

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