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Gauri expresses her monsoon feelings

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Red rules in monsoon

Do you enjoy the monsoons?
Yes, I do enjoy it. I love watching the rain from my window.

Do you prefer to get drenched in the rain or would you rather stay indoors?
No, I like to be outdoors. In fact, this year when it rained for the first time, my daughter Pari and I went out to get wet and we enjoyed it a lot. I was suffering from fever for about 3-4 days. After enjoying in the rain, my fever was gone.

Do you prefer to stay in Mumbai during the monsoon or go somewhere else?
It depends. I have lived in Mumbai and Thane and have thoroughly enjoyed the rains over here. But I have heard that Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar look very good during monsoon. So I would love to go there in the season.

Any favourite holiday destination during the monsoon?
A few months ago I had been to Manas resort which is in Igatpuri and I was completely bowled over by the beauty of the place. I would like to go to Igatpuri whenever I get another chance.

Do you prefer bright shades or neutral tones for wind cheaters and umbrellas?
Red is the colour for me and I think it's hot.

What kind of food do you prefer in the monsoon? Do you follow a particular diet?
I am a garam chai-and-pakoda person, especially during rains. However, my husband hails from North India where a dish called Meetha Pooda is popular. I love eating that during monsoon. Even my daughter loves it, so I usually make Pooda at home.

Your favourite monsoon song /song sequence...
It has to be "Barso Re Megha" from "Guru". Whenever I watch this song, I feel like going out and enjoying in the rain.

Is it necessary to have a car during monsoon in Mumbai?
It is not compulsory that you should have a car during the rains. I like to keep all windows of my car open and feel the rain drops lash against my face. Once I had ended up drying my car seats with a dryer.

What precautions should one take during monsoon?
Whenever you observe a change in the colour of drinking water, make sure to boil it well before consumption. Never step out without an umbrella as the downpour may be heavy and you will end up having a fever. Take care of your health as health comes before everything.

Any bad experience related to the monsoons that you can recall?
I am lucky not to have had any yet. Touch wood!

Suggestions for B.M.C?
First of all, they should fill all these potholes. In my area, even if it rains just for an hour, all the drainage holes and streets get flooded. We regularly pay our taxes and behave like responsible citizens, then why are they not treating us with dignity? They should understand their responsibilities. A person who works 10 hours a day values his salary the most and when the tax gets deducted it hurts him a lot. It hurts even more when he doesn't get the benefit for which he had paid the tax.

What if 26/7 happens again?
I would be selfish to look for my family first and once I find them, I will help other people in all ways possible. Although, 26/7 should not repeat, if it does, it will be shame for BMC.

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