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Sanjay Dutt is a lonely man

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

He's the most loved man in the industry today. Everybody feels very protective about him and rightfully so because he has had an exceptionally turbulent life! What's wonderful about him is that he has always emerged and has always combated every obstacle and that too with a smile! Karan's first guest this week is Sanju Baba to the film fraternity and Munnabhai to the whole world - the resilient Sanjay Dutt. His second guest is a member of Sanjay's family. She is a young, successful politician and has been a tremendous support to Sanju all these years - Priya Dutt! Meet the down to earth brother-sister duo in a heartwarming episode, this week on Koffee with Karan!

Excerpts from the interview:

Karan: Is there a love? Is there "one love" of Sanjay Dutt's life he's never gotten over?
Sanjay: One love of Sanjay Dutt's life! (Laughs) I've had a turbulent past with the loves in my life.

Karan: When you look back you just savor every relationship but you don't feel that you fell in love that one time and maybe nothing came out of it.
Sanjay: The problem with me is that I fall in love all the time.

Karan: You fall in love far too often?
Sanjay: Far too often!

Karan: Are you in love today?
Sanjay: No!

Karan: No? So all these rumors about your alleged marriage are all..
Sanjay: All rubbish! I came on TV and denied it also. There's no marriage. We're just friends.

Karan: When you had things written about you.. like now you have things written about your affairs, your marriage...do you feel answerable to your family? Do you talk to them immediately and clear the air?
Sanjay: No... I think they are very understanding that way and they actually know what happens. And they never question me.. they know that it's a rumour.. they might ask me what's happening and all that. I don't know how this blew out of proportion but they are very calm about it. They know if there was something, I would have told them. There's nothing wrong in being married you know. But tomorrow if I do decide to get married I will tell everybody. Theres nothing to hide in that.

Karan: You see yourself married in the future?
Sanjay: Not yet!
Karan: You see yourself married again? With a child? You know..a happy family scenario?
Sanjay: I don't really know but I know one thing for a fact... I am a lonely man! Staying alone in the house. I feel sometimes maybe I could come home to someone.
Karan: So sometimes the image does come to your mind?
Sanjay: Yes!
Karan: Sometimes? And sometimes you don't?
Sanjay: Yes! And sometimes I'm working... here and there! (Laughs)
Karan: But at least you have your family.. your tremendous support system!

Karan: Standing up to him vis-a-vis all the crises and problems he has been through. But what about standing with him through his personal turbulence. All the marriages, his divorce ?
Priya: I think we've always been by his side but personal life is such we have to leave the person alone. I never interfere in his personal life. If he ever needs our support, our advice, I will definitely give it to him. And that's what a family is and I'm always by his side for everything. But like I've always told him whenever you need us we are always there for you. I guess there is a line we don't cross because you don't invade a person's private space.

Karan: Sometimes do you wonder who will enter his life next?
Priya: I think that's a question we constantly ask each other! (Laughs)

Karan: Sometimes do you feel the vibes that the sisters are discussing you?
Sanjay: Yes of course I do. Whenever I see them together, especially on dad's terrace I know, Ok some discussion is happening about me!

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